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When did you moms switch from a crib to the toddler bed? Also when do you take the bumper out of the crib? I suppose that would decrease chances of climbing out right?!


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Brennis - posted on 04/26/2010




My daughter is 15.5 months and we took the bumper out... but she puts her legs through the bars, she moves around a lot while she sleeps....

So we are thinking of putting it back in.

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our daughter will be 3 in june... she started sleeping in her toddler bed in september when her sister arrived. we still have a gaurd rail up b/c she rolls around so much but she can climb over it in the am to come to our room... before this she was in her crib but its one where you can adjust the height of the mattress so the mattress was all the way to the ground and she couldnt get out...

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Hi! Both of my boys were climbers, so the bumper came out at about 6 months and they were in a toddler bed by 13 months! I figured it was safer for them to fall a few inches off the toddler bed than to fall out of the crib! Good Luck :)

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My son is 17 months.. I took the bumper out od his bed when he was 8 months.. I also switched him to a toddler bed when he was a year old.. I started climbing so I said whelp thats it!! I just got a baby gate for the door so he wouldn't wonder around at night.. I've never had a problem with him getting up in the middle of the nighy wondering around. He no longer has the baby gate infront of his door now when he wakes up in the morning he comes straight into my room and wakes me up..

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I never used a bumper. They say that it can cause the air in the crib to become stagnant and that might be a cause for SID. So I also have a fan in each of my kids room to create a white noise. As for the big bed. I had my first child in a bed (no box spring, closer to the ground for roll offs) at age 2, my daughters both at age 18ms. They all were fine with it. It might take a week for them to get use to it. I just would lay next to them or you could get a large stuff animal like an alligator that will act as a barrier and make them feel more enclosed like a crib.

Brittany - posted on 04/24/2010




Haha My son broke his mobile in half so yes thats a goner. He also sometime sleeps with his head agains the rails so maybe I will just keep that in there for a bit. I just dont think Im ready for the "stay in your bed" fight

Jessica - posted on 04/24/2010




My daughter is only 10 mos, so she's still in a crib, but I think you're supposed to take the bumper out at like 6-8 months or something. Avery sleeps with her head pressed against the side, so I left hers in. I DID take the mobile out though, b/c she was about to break it. She pulled it back and flung it til it hit the wall! Silly! She hasn't climbed out yet, but I'm very surprised, b/c she climbs everything else!

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