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help how may of you have toddlers in your bed????? is this i crazy, my son will not leave my side all day and the only place he will sleep is with me too...ugh....advice please but only positive....looking to make this bed sharing thing work ....


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Sandra - posted on 09/14/2009




Hi Amy

Do you have a big boy bed yet? If you don't make a special day out of it where you go and buy the bed and let him help choose his sheet set and bed. Then let him help set it up and make the bed. First do all his naps in his new bed the first day and start him the first night in his new bed and have a night light so he can see his room. Get him ready for bed by brushing teeth and read his story to him in his new big boy bed.

Make him feel like he is king for the day and this is his day and even at night time. After you read his book give him lots of love and say good night and leave the door open part way. If he keeps getting up then stay in the room but tell him mommy is right hear and you are safe,but don't talk to him after that. He might cry for a few minutes but if he is really tired he will go to sleep.

One of my boys has a special blanket he sleeps with and my other son has a stuff Alligator and blanket that he won't sleep with out. We bought the Alli the Alligator just for him for bed time. He loves it because its long and cute and easy to hang onto.

The only time my children come into our bed now is if they have a bad dream or wake up sick. Then I sleep in my children room to make sure they feel safe. But when they are asleep again I go back to my bed. During my sons daytime naps I put him in his bed and I lay in the bed in his room. When he is asleep I leave his room. We also have white noise in his room. So I can vacuum and do other things with out waking him.

Just make it a special day.

For your second part of the question:

My youngest is also very clingy when I am home, but when his dad walks in the door he is with daddy all day.He is daddy boy and clingy with my husband.

Is their anyway you can drop your son off with a friend or daycare for a few hour so gets used to the idea that mommy needs her time. Then your son can become a little more Independent and learn to do more things with his friends and other people. This might help for him being clingy.

If you have no family or friends and money is tight check out Babysitting exchange in your area. Here is the website. It really does work if you need time to yourself.

I hope I have help abit.


All the ladies had really good advice. I hope you find one that works good for you.

Jackie - posted on 09/14/2009




My son was in our bed for a LONG time. But we set up some ground rules. One was that I would not lay down with him and wait for him to fall asleep. And a rule my husband and I made between ourselves was that we would not make it comfortable for him. We wouldn't allow him to push us out of our bed. As he grew older and got bigger and was running out of room in the bed he started to go to his own bed. When he started preschool we made the rule he had to start in his own bed. It was okay if he woke later in the night and joined us but so long as we were awake he had to be in his own bed. He is now in kindergarten and still crawls in when my husband is on night shift and he has a nightmare.

I have this theory it doesn't matter what others think I have to do what works for me and pay the price later. I have never lost a night of sleep in the 11 years since I have been a mom except when they are sick. I truly believe that children are meant to be close to us especially at a young age. It is every animals natural instinct to survive and what better way to survive then to sleep in a pack with the alpha dogs. I'm not sure if it was because both my babies were premmies or just because I didn't see the logic in putting a baby by themselves in a room after they had just spent 24/7 with me for 8 months but it worked for us and no one will ever convince me the "cry it out method" is healthy and normal.

Good luck in finding what works for your family and remember do what works for you because no one but you has to pay the price later one for your choices!

Mandy - posted on 09/14/2009




try putting a matress on your floor so you are right next to him, but he is not on top of you.

hope this helps

Jane - posted on 09/12/2009




our oldest just turned 2 in june and she is stuck in b/w independence and clinginess. but i think they all are at this age. try keeping to a routine even though he's in your bed (bath, book bed, etc.) and maybe once he's asleep you can sneak out and do your stuff and get in bed later for your own bedtime. does he have a lovey? my 2 yr old likes me to stay w/her until she's asleep in her bed. i just tell her that if she wakes up and needs me, to call for me. let him know that too and that you'll be back in bed later if he wakes up and you're not there. when she's really clingy i put a pillow at her back in place of where i was so she feels support and cozy.

good luck!

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