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I have an 18 month old and a 6 month.My 18 month cries at bedtime we have to rock him to sleep them pray he wont wake up when you lay him down.He just started this about a week ago.He has reflux so we cant let him cry to long or we have a big mess to clean up.My 6 month old sleeps in the same room with him to so we have to try not to let them wake each other up. my lil one rolls over now but cant roll back.So now he went from sleepin all night to wakin up 2 or 3 times.(hes a thumb sucker) and cant find his thumb when on his belly.Last night he slept in the swing so i could finally get some rest. But hes gettin to big for the swing what do i do?


Crystal - posted on 09/17/2009




It won't be long before he can roll on his back. Do lots of tummy time during the day to speed that up. In the meantime if you are worried about him waking up his brother you might try moving his bed to another room or buying a bigger swing. My child is 13 months and is still in his swing for naps. Check the weight limit on the swing and see if it is adjustable. They are both getting bigger everyday. Just hang in there. Good luck.

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