Besides bathing my 15 mth girl be4 bed, how can I stop her from waking up everyday between 3 & 4am?

Candace - posted on 05/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My girl has been waking up at all crazy hours of the morning and will not go back to sleep she wants to play and crawl around and I am just exhausted during the days as I sometimes just can't get back to sleep living on caffeine to stay awake. help!


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Jaelyn - posted on 05/24/2010




If she is still in a crib, let her play in it, and/or cry herself back to sleep. It will be tough for the 1st week or two, but eventually she will. If she is in a toddler bed, put up a baby gate to her room, completely baby proof it, leave a small night light in there and let her amuse herself until she gets tired and goes back to sleep. Same principal if she cries at the gate.

It is good for them to begin to learn to be independent, otherwise later on they will depend on you to entertain them and will not follow a schedule very well.

Also stop the naps altogether, if she starts to get sleepy during the day, wake her up, she might be cranky, but you getting a good night's sleep is more important. As selfish as it sounds, you are more important and should be treated as such. You are no good to her if you are sleep deprived. My pediatrician recommended benadryl once in a while (dose based on weight) if you really are not getting the sleep you need. So long as it is not more than once a month, then she will be fine.

Another suggestion is to keep her meals during the day light, leave her slight hungry, and feed her a later, BIG dinner. The full feeling will really make her feel sleepy and should help her sleep better.

Finally, sometimes kids are just nocturnal, both of my kids are, but so am I so it works out. If none of the above works and you have the ability to do so, adjust your schedule to hers for the time being. Take a nap when she does and get up when she does. Also take a nap when your spouse gets home and can relieve you for a while, or hire a night nanny/babysitter in the evening for the same purpose.


Joanna - posted on 05/24/2010




What time are you putting her to bed? Make sure it's not too late otherwise they don't sleep well enough... For awhile, no matter whether we put our girl to bed at 7 pm or 10 pm, she'd be up and ready to go at 5!

She also went through a phase of waking up early for about a month, she was just up and ready to go, but then she got back on her schedule of sleeping til 8.

Rebecca - posted on 05/24/2010




How many naps is she taking now? She might just need to cut back to 1 a day and do it around 11am-1pm. Feed her lunch and then keep her awake the rest of the day. A little girl i babysat was the same way and i cut out a nap and changed her routine during the day and it helped a lot.

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