Best job in the world! But, what exactly do I do?

Iliana - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been a SAHM for 10 years now. I have tried many things in the mean time from time to time. Education and continual learning is important to me and something I strive to achieve. But this learning does not come with its challenges.

I have a diploma in writing for children. I am a certified decorator. I have worked in retail, taught ESL, and volunteered with children in school settings. Lately, I have been tutoring children in early reading. My point is, even though I have so many things outside the home what do I do when I'm in it. I recently quit school because my kids and husband were having a hard time with me not being around ever. I came to realize that even though I look for challenges outside the home the biggest one is in the home. My husband made write a list of things I could put in a resume. "I am a...

1. Editor

2. Maid

3. Chef

4. Educator

5. Financial Advisor

6. Psychologist

and the list goes on."

Still I feel less than accomplished at times. I would like to add to this list in hopes that I and others may reflect on what they bring to the table. We don't need to get paid to feel accomplished.

Sorry if the above sounds a confusing. I have ADD so my thoughts are less than focused. I just hope that can all benefit from this discussion.




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I have been a SAHM/Wife for about 7 years now.. Before I had children I was borderline workaholic.. I am perfectly content now with what I do. I have chosen the best place for me to be and that is home raising my children and being here (avalible) for my husband and children.. I still do things outside the home that I enjoy I just do them differently. I volunteer but I take my children and husband along and we volunteer as a family now I also write I keep a jump drive and I work on my books when I have the extra time (I have no big plans for them I just enjoy this activity) and I also take some enrichment classes I have always loved learning new things and I believe it sets a good example that you never stop learning to my children.. I do these things on top of all the things I do in the home, I feel fulfilled with life and I feel blessed that I am able to do what I love and that is being a great SAHM/Wife and I am thankful I have a husband that supports me in this decission and works hard so I can continue to be what I believe I'm intened to be at the moment.. I agree the biggest challenge is right here in our homes, There is much to be done by one person and I don't think SAHM's relise how much they do end up doing for everyone in the fmaily and how much of an impact they are making on there family and home it is an important job and I know many SAHM that think they aren't doing enough for the family being home I just hope they in time find that fulfillment and understanding that they are a irreplacable people in the eyes of the ones they care for..


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Lisa - posted on 05/04/2010




Home business! They are affordable, easy and fun. With a home business you can still stay home with the kids and do many of the things you do now plus you will be helping with the household income. It really is the best of both worlds. I love how not only am I in business for myself which gives me a sense of independence, but I also have the opportunity to increase my knowlege daily which to me is very important. You being a writer could be a great asset because in many home businesses you have to write and often.

Freedom, flexability and fun. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

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