Bily (Baby I Love You) Brand Safety Gate

Mandie - posted on 09/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




This is a warning to all mothers and fathers out there looking to purchase a new baby gate, especially those with large stairwells who are having trouble finding a big enough gate.

Today my husband and I finally found a baby gate large enough to fit our 49 inch stairs, so we picked it up. Even though we had our doubts after finding out it was mesh (no thanks to any label on the box), we wanted to see how it held up. An hour after struggling to find a way to make it fit at the top of our awkward stairwell, we finally got it up. Immediately I noticed that there were no plastic borders to hold the mesh along the top and bottom in place; I pushed at the bottom and it bowed out in a hole large enough for my daughter to easily slip through. I showed my husband, and he pushed on it to see for himself. With that, the whole thing came flying off the wall. We made sure everything was installed correctly, so this is an issue of product quality.

This is a really poor quality "safety gate" which in my opinion should not even be used as a last resort. The instructions that came with it made absolutely no sense, and after further research online, I found absolutely nothing about the product or even the company itself. The box directed me to the bily website, which is currently under construction and has no useful information. Hopefully this information can be useful to somebody, as there are currently no other reviews about this product to be found.


Courtney - posted on 01/10/2012




I personally have this baby gate and the box did specify that it was not to be used at the top of stairs...we had no problem reading the instructions and following the instalation template ....we used it for a year without any problems and would recommend it if you are looking for a gate to keep your baby out of certain rooms......have also had other Bily products and again have no complaints.....

Heidi - posted on 09/13/2010




I am currently going through a similar kind of experience with a bily crib set.
The paint chips off of the top bar on the crib. The bar that any toddler would put their mouth on to teeth. The dresser drawers are a pain to open and close. The change-table is not designed in a safe way. It has these bars on the sides that only aid in helping the baby or toddler pull themselves up and over the bar.
I had the same trouble contacting the company bily. I am now going through the store I purchased the product from (Zellers), that also seem to lack in information. I am currently waiting to here back from them. A manager said she would try to find a way to contact the company, and that she believes that they have only been selling the bily products for 2 years or so.
I am not only concerned about getting my full refund, but also want department stores to stop selling any bily products, and to find out if they are even passing a safety expectation. I don’t want other families to have to go through the same sort of thing, nor have the safety of our babies be at risk.
I fill the need to put a stop to this company and get to the bottom of it.
I feel that bily is a scam.

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Janine - posted on 02/16/2012




I have the metal Bily gate at home and a standard Bily crib at my mom's for visits. I have not had a problem with the crib and have had it about 18 months now. My only issue with the gate is that no matter how we tightened the wall mounts it still comes loose just enough that my kids have figured out you don't have to push the latch before lifting. I've had it almost a year now and like it a lot more than the safety 1st gates which we went through 3 of them with 2 of 3 kids.

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