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my husband has unmedicated bipolar i don't know what to do when he is having an episode either manic or depressive please anyone have advice... there is no way i can convince him to go on medicine trust me i have tried. we are trying couples therapy so she might be able to convince him to see its best for the boys. until then i need advice on how to handle him.


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I agree with Jessica, show him some coping skills. I have bad anxiety and personality disorder (which is basically bad mood swings). Breathing slowly, taking a walk and meditation are good. By meditation I mean just taking 10-15 minutes to go in a quiet room and clear his mind. There are free meditation apps if you have a cell phone that are useful. I know these things sound simple, but they really help! Over the past few months I have noticed that I am better at dealing with my emotions and mood swings. I didn't like the way meds made me feel. It was like I was happy, but not a "real" happy--not sure if that makes sense :-/ Especially if you have children it is important for him to control himself. My oldest is 5, and he can always tell if something is bothering mommy, so I am sure your boys notice as well.

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i know this may sound like your treating him like a child but at the onset of the episode have him STOP and take a few deep breaths I use this with my sons and it really helps have him go for a walk or something to remove himself for what ever has set him off...
Your not trying to treat him like a child just trying to help him use great coping skills without the use of meds.. just a thought hope it helps


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