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Tamara - posted on 01/21/2010




i bit my son butt back and he never bit me or anyone else agin and when you do i say to him biting hurts. but dont bite him hard just hard enough so he feels it

User - posted on 01/21/2010




Keep remiding your child to bite food and catch her or him right beofre it happens and give them something that is ok to bite

[deleted account]

I've heard two ways to cure this problem. I've never had a bitter but I apparently was one! My mom said one day, after I had bit her hand, she grabbed my arm and bit me back so hard I had a purple mark for half a week! I never bit anyone again, lol!

That approach is not looked highly upon these days, so if you're not into that I've heard what you should do (and this seems nigh impossible to me) is you have to catch them right before they bite someone and correct their behavior! Good luck with that one, I think my mom had the right idea for this one though - personally, lol!

What I myself would do if I had a biter (before I'd try biting them back) is every time they bit they'd get either some soap or spicy hot sauce on their tongue. I would think that would work too. Let me know (if you try any of these) if they work.

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