Black String-like Substance in Stool

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I noticed some black string-like substance in my baby's poo this afternoon. The only thing I can think of is banana because we just started him trying out solid foods and banana was his first. Before I panic and think it's worms, has anyone else had this happen to them?


Theresa - posted on 02/18/2010




Yes, that happens after bananas. I remember the first time I found that I thought it was worms too. My husband's step mom was there and assured me it was from bananas. She was right. It's kind of alarming the first time you see it though. And when they first have corn, it will go right through. There will be whole kernels of corn in their poop. Corn doesn't digest very well. And when they eat orange veggies it will be orange and green veggies will make it green. It gets better as they get older their bodies use more of the food better. At this little age they are more just getting used to it and much of the food just goes through.

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