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Blood under toenail

Tabitha - posted on 02/17/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Last weekend my son tried to lift up a paint can and it fell on his big toe. Afterwards blood collected underneath the nail bed. I took him to the doctor and she didnt seem overly concerned about it. Told me to just give him tylenol for pain and to watch it. However she didnt mention what to do if the blood collection continued to occur. The blood now covers under his entire nail. Now it is starting to lift up and im afraid he is going to lose his nail. Im more concerned about infection and taking care of a nailless toe. My doctor has a private practice and is not in town until Monday, so i cant call for advice. I am wondering if there is any home treatment or care you reccomend or if i should take a trip to urgent care to get it taken care of! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I do have to add that it doesnt look infected and the area around it isnt swollen or red. He is also on antibiotics right now for an ear infection.


Tara - posted on 02/17/2011




Sounds like it is either a blood blister or bruising under the nail. Having had both myself (I got my thumb caught in the hinge of a metal folding chair), I can tell you from experience that you can either pop the blister with a sterile needle and drain the blood (which may or may not get rid of the bruising/blood) or you can leave it and see if the nail falls off. Generally if the nail falls off (as mine did) you just have to keep the area clean and the nail grows back in normally. My thumbnail was actually regrowing back in under the nail that was falling off. If it does start to look infected or he experiences a lot of pain I would still have him looked at.

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the nail should grow back underneath the damaged nail and push the damged nail off. You're probably seeing a bruise forming and not necessarily blood collecting under it.

Just keep it clean with peroxide and water, soap, it should get better in a couple weeks. Don't peel off the old nail. this will hurt and is not necessary. You can also soak it in the bath tub. That will get it really clean


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Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2011




If it is a blood blister, then you could steralize a needle and pop it to relieve the pain (quite a bit of blood will drain out which is normal so don't be concerned), but then make sure you put antibiotic cream all around it and put a bandaid on. It may be scary to do this, but won't hurt, and will actually make it feel a lot better. If it is just blood and not a blood blister, just leave it go. Either way, he may lose the nail, it really isn't a big deal, and soon a new one will grow back. We've been through this quite a bit in my family (especially when I was little)

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2011




Not being a medical professional, I can only offer what I would most likely do. It sounds like the doc wasn't too worried. Nail injuries happen and sometimes you do lose them. While uncomfortable, it's not as big of a deal as it might seem. I had it happen to me when I was little and things turned out just fine. Since he's on antibiotics already, I wouldn't worry too much unless it bleeds out from under the nail or is obviously really bothering him. If it was my daughter, I would call the doc again on Monday. I know it's so hard to watch when our little ones are injured. Hang in there!

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