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Depends on your reasons for wanting one. If you are going to be jogging/running with the stroller or if you plan on hiking/walking a lot and need a stroller that will go over rough surfaces then the answer is yes. But I also think it's personal preference. I returned my jogging stroller because it didn't turn easily which made it very awkward at the mall and in stores. They are also bulky and take up more space in the car.

Beth - posted on 09/24/2009




I don't know what sort of stroller you mean? Where are you writing from? In Australia and New Zealand, the pram to have is the Mountain Buggy. They start at $700 AUSD but can be resold four years later for half that! Amazing. The make I got is narrow and turns easlily so it's good for going to shops and gettig around. My father-in-law gave us some money for baby stuff so I bought one and I love it. I think if you are planning more kids and find that you particularly like the style, go for it. My girl spends a lot of time in hers as we're always out walking or something. We got the rest of the baby gear on ebay so I felt alright about spending up on the pram.

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