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I'm making the switch to bottle after breastfeeding for a year and my boobs a so sore..i've made the transition slowly so my boobs dont go into shock but they're still very full and painful does anyone have some relief tips, also i wanna speed the process of my milk drying up because my greedy girl wants as much as she can and isnt sure whether shes allowed it or not


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thanks, she uses a bottle or a cup. and I have the implanon implant so cant take birth control pills will go today to see if i can get a pill that dries my boobs up they're so painful!!!

Wendy - posted on 12/07/2009




I would stop trying to transition to the bottle and go straight to the sippy cup.That is what I did with all 3 of mine. The boys breastfed for 13 months and my daughter wouldn't stop sop she went about 16 months. If you go to the bottle you will only have to go to the cup soon anyways. Plus there are all kinds of cups and she may go to cup faster. Call you ob/gyn and get on birth control pills or go get the shot both of those will help in the drying up process otherwise it just takes time and everytime is diff. Have daddy feed her the bottle or cup when she wants to be held until you dry up because she will smell the breastmilk and she will want that instead so it will take longer and be harder to ween her off the breast.

Debi - posted on 12/06/2009




If you take an ace bandage and wrap yourself it will help with the pain and help with the drying up part.. there is also a pill and a shot at least there use to be it has been a long while for me :-) but I only used the ace bandage for myself and it helped a lot. Good luck

Erin - posted on 12/06/2009




the worst should be over in about 3 days. i found fresh cabbage leaves in my bra to be very soothing, i have heard there is something in it that helps to dry up the milk

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hi i made the transition quite early but only caus ei wasnt producing enough and my lil man was a piggy....always wanted to have the boob....a hot shower helps but what ever you doi NOT express otherwise you will ahve to do it all over again...they will be sore for a while but as soon as it drys up you will be fine...hope this helps

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