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I have stayed at home for 14 yrs now with the kids and now all of them are in school so I was telling hubbie I was thinking about going back to work. He got mad and said that my place was in the home raising the kids and keeping the house clean. Well I have most of the house done by 10 in the morning. I feel that I have made more sack(sp) for the kids and I have lost who I am. I just want to know that I'm more then just a wife and just a mother that I can get out there and do more. I love being able to stay home but it would be nice to know who I am again.


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Autumn - posted on 10/13/2009




every mom gets that feeling you are deffinitly not alone i think u should deffinitly get out and find something YOU want to do weather it be a job, volenteering,anything. i am very disappointed to hear that your husband reacted in the way that he did my beleifs is that he should be there to support you no matter what your choices may be. i wish you the best of luck with whatever your choice is!!

Elizabeth - posted on 10/13/2009




Find a group that you can become involved with. Like a mommy-support type thing at a church or school. Schedule in time for you to do fun things away from the house when you're "work" is done. Or as the other post suggested...just PT work. Something fun like at a coffee shop or bookstore.

I am part of a writing group and that is my big get-away each monday evening. maybe for you it's a sewing class or book club or taking a class at a local college in something you're interested in. Work from home maybe even?

Just think of some things that truly interest you and start googling. :-) You'll find something to help you focus your energy. :-)


Amy - posted on 10/13/2009




There's no harm in giving it a whirl. Maybe you could find something PT that would be fun for you and put a little jingle in your pocket. Thank your husband for making it possible to be with the kids for so long (sounds like he has a control/insecurity issue) and reassure him you just want to see what happens.

BTW, many of my friends have been in similar positions--they have even gotten education and specialized training for jobs, just to realize there's no place like home. Whatever happens, pray and follow your heart. :) Good luck!

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