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I love my daughter to bits but I find that doing the same thing everyday boring. Because I cant drive I can only do things in my town which isnt much. I miss the interaction I used to get when I was working but want to stay at home with my daughter. Does anyone else have the same problem or have any ideas that would help?


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Manuella - posted on 01/18/2010




Hi Kate, Why don't you start your own little Home business. That way you'll still meet new people and work from home with your daughter. For more info email

Stacey - posted on 01/18/2010




oh man, i get bored too. my daughter is only 11 weeks but hates the car (unlike my older 2 girls) so going anywhere is such a pain. not to mention can't get out and walk with her in the cold. sigh...

Holly - posted on 01/18/2010




I think all of us moms get bored at times. One thing I do is write a list of things that I could do when I get to that bored time of day. If that's go for a walk, call a friend, make cookies or clean out the refrigerator etc. Then when that time comes you can pull that list out and see what sounds good for you and your daughter or just you while she plays by herself. One thing I also do is put a list together of chores I need to do and then a weekly schedulle, then switch it up every other week to keep cleaning interesting (well as interesting as it can be :) ). I don't know if you have friends or family close, but one thing I love to do is call up a friend or family member and take a walk. Then you get some interaction with an adult and some excersise at the same time. Then maybe you can walk to get a coffee or a bite to eat. Or meet at a park etc. Don't get discouraged the boring state will pass and you'll find yourself busy again. Just try to prepare in advance for those boring times for when they do come. Hope this helps.

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yes sometimes i get bored but not for long! how old is ur daughter? do u have mummy and baby groups near u ?

my daughter is 22months and im always getting something new out 2 do wiv her, drawing, sticking, builing blocks, etc, we go park, feed the ducks, and sometimes i jus put her in the buggy and walk till she falls asleep!! then go bk home and get on wiv my chores!

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