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Emily - posted on 01/07/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies! I'm new to the group and a first time mom to an awesome 3 month old baby girl. I'm having a really hard time making the mental jump to being a stay at home mom. I went from working a full time job and barely being home to immediately having a baby. My husband is in the military so we're not near any family or friends. I do go to a couple of mom groups with LO. It's on the days where the weather is bad or we have no groups scheduled that i go a little stir crazy. It just seems like I'm stuck in the same cycle every single day... wake up, eat, play mat, nap, walk, read book, nap, tummy time, book, swing, nap, etc... what else can I do? I'm going insane and at the same time am worried that I'm not stimulating my daughter enough. I also have mild ppa but it's improved dramatically over the past month or two. Due to this, downtime is definitely not my friend. Haha! Thanks ladies!


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Well I would try taking some online courses or just trying to get out as much as you can. I too live very far away from family and friends. I have three kids and i stay home too. i get bored quit a bit and lonely too because all i really want is to be around my husband.

Go to the mall when you can and take your daughter for walks at the mall too. i dont really know your religious views but you could probably try going to church too and getting into a bible study during the week. Try taking your daughter to museums. Usually if im correct you can get a library card and with that card you have the option if it is available to check out a free pass to go to near by zoos and museums. i know bad weather sounds like a bad idea to get out you dont want to get sick but if you nurse just know your baby wont really get sick ever. So you would be safe to go out and keep your little miss bundle of joy wrapped warm and tight. Go out and enjoy life. It is to short to live everyday wondering and not doing. Your husband i am sure would want you to be living your life with your daughter while he is away. doing things with her and taking pictures.

Just some ideas. Take some basic painting classes too. as for your daughter. The best you can do for her is read to her and play with her and spend quality time with her. talk to her a lot. Try learning a new language to teach to her too. that is really great for their brain development.

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