Bored & restless

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Love being a mom but sometimes its dragging you down. Feeling unappreciated when all we ever do is sacrifice for others...


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Mother - posted on 12/29/2015




Hey, you might like my website, . I started it because it is the website I wish I could have found when I started being a SAHM 12 years ago! I think all moms need a boost sometimes.

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Hi Krista. I guess we all moms are going thru the same things each day. What can I say, we are only human with the toughest job. Its good to hear from some strong women like yourself to lift up my spirits...thank you

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Hi Poorna. Thank you for your kind reply. You make my day. Yes, would love to hv a chat. Will be in touch :)

Poorna - posted on 12/23/2015




Nina it's perfectly normal to have these kind of thoughts sometimes, whether you are on tabs or not, don't get worked up so much, I too face these kind of situation sometimes, you can get in touch with me at poornamgk@gmail, we can have
a jolly chat.

Krista - posted on 12/22/2015




It's easy to start focusing on all the Tasks us moms take on, and it can definitely get to you sometimes, but it's even easier to take a break and give yourself a time to breath (scream/cry/or other coping strategies) ha, in between the crazyness. I find taking that time of peace for yourself gives you the sanity and mindset to keep being the glue of the home.

Being a mom of 3 boys (including dad) has its moments of un-appreciation, but when you really look at your situation, your son/daughter using their manners, getting along with their siblings, and many other things, it gives you the sense of gratitude and relief that your doing something right that doesn't need a thank you! :)

Don't beat yourself for having these thoughts, have them, sort through and pick yourself back up! :)

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