both of my daughter's are sick and my hubby is at work starting to feel like a single mom !!!


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im sure u will b fine, single mums have 2 do it 24/7 for the rest of their childs life,

when im feeling stressed/sad/finding it hard, i think of other people in worse situations than me.

Monica - posted on 01/26/2010




hey your're lucky!! at least u don't have to work and support them AND do everything yourself!! :D you'll be ok! i'm sure your daughters will really appreaciate how well u took care of them!

Kymberly - posted on 01/26/2010




I know how you feel! I am a mother of 4, ages 4yr, 3yr, 20months, and 6 months. My husband has his normal 40 hour a week job, and we have a business that we are trying to get off the ground. Which means he leaves at 6am every morning and gets home around 10pm to 11pm every evening. He also works most weekends. So I totally feel like a single mom too. And to add to it, my entire family is sick with a cold including myself. So all I can say is hang in there. It is a lot of work trying to take care of kids, and then to add to it, them being sick. If you have to get away for a minute or two, just go in another room and take a breather. If you are lucky to have family and friends support, call and ask for it. I do not have either, so if you dont, i know how much harder it makes it. Good luck, and best wishes.

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