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Crystal - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a one year old who will not take a nap or go to sleep with out a bottle of milk. and he will not sleep all night. how do i get him to take a nap or go to sleep at night with out one. i need help on trying to get him to sleep all night to. no matter how much he eats he wakes up. any advice.


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what I did was for my daughter when she was that young was I just gradually reduced the amount of bottles she was having a day and replaced it with regular meals and snacks in between, the only time she got her bottle was at bedtime, and she seemed fine with the fact that once she was 18months old, the bottles were gone.

Heather - posted on 01/30/2010




I know this will be very hard but you might have to try just taking it away from him.. Does he take a sippy cup? My son is 9 months old and does not take a bottle during the night.. And he usually only gets 3 or 4 6oz bottles during the day but not in his crib.. As long as you give him a good meal before he goes down (even before a nap you can give him a small snack and a sippy cup) he will be fine.. I know he will scream but in order to break the habbit it might be what you have to do.. Have you spoken to your childs doctor about it? Mine assured me when my son turned 6 months he would not be harmed by not eating at night, and after 2 nights he was sleeping through the night. Yes he screamed A LOT but now he sleeps through the night and I can actually rest.. Once in a while he does get up in the middle of the night and when that happens I just go in his room and rub his back until he falls back asleep.. Have you tried to just give him a binkey? And I am thinking that he gets up at night (even if he eats a lot) because that is what he is use to.. He has gotten himself into a routine and now you have to change it.. Kids are all about a schedual and they like doing things on a schedual.. Its just a matter of getting him on one that benifits the both of you now.. It will be hard but be strong, I know you can do it.. If he crys, try head phones.. That is what got me through it..

Sarah - posted on 01/29/2010




There are two different ways that might work. First is to put water in the bottle instead of milk and then slowly reduce the amount of water that is in the bottle. Another way is to do milk but after he finishes his bottle brush his teeth. This will help so the milk does not sit on his teeth and rot them and it will also help him learn how to put himself to sleep without having to suck on the bottle. You will most likely have to deal with some crying no matter what you do. Change is hard and trying to figure out how to put himself to sleep without the aid of the bottle he will most likely not like at first.

Laurie - posted on 01/29/2010




Crystal, my son is just over two and he still drinks all his milk from a bottle. He only gets three a day - morning, afternoon nap and bed time. He drinks water the rest of the time. If you object to the bottle and not the milk maybe try a sippy cup with warm milk in it. As for sleeping, I can't help much there as my son has always been a good sleeper. From various things I have heard, it is not unusual for a one year old to not sleep all the way through the night. To help you might try to minimize the fuss during the night - i.e. no feeding him, talking etc. Some children get up through habit more than anything. The other thing - he needs to learn to go back to sleep on his own as it is not unusual for a child to wake up several times then go back to sleep (hopefully). Don't go in when he first wakes up - let him fuss for five minutes or so to see if he will settle on his own and go back to sleep. Of course if it turns into full scale wailing he is unlikely to go back to sleep on his own but leave him alone until it gets to that stage. Hope that helps...

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