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Amanda - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my two year old thinks he should keep drinking out of a bottle because his 1 yr old brother has a bottle can anyone tell me how to break them both at the same time?


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Renae - posted on 12/04/2009




If you go cold turkey it should only take both of them 1-2 weeks to forget about the bottle. Kids adjust very easily to change.

Kathryn - posted on 12/03/2009




Cold turkey. It'll suck for a day of two but then it will all be behind you now more worries. Trust me- I've been there! I went cold turkey on the binkie and bottle the day after my son turned one and we never looked back.

Sarah - posted on 12/02/2009




If the 1 yr old already knows how to drink out of a sippy I would get rid of all the bottles and just have sippies in the house. Can't have a bottle if there are none to have. 1 yr old may not drink as much milk from sippy at first, but I would not worry as long as he is drinking some. If the 1 yr old is not used to the sippies yet I would hide the bottles so they are out of sight. Then only do a bottle in the AM when he gets up and one right before bed. The rest of the time do sippy. This way as he is getting used to the sippy you know he is getting a good amount of milk twice a day. Once he is doing pretty good with the sippies then throw the bottles out.

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