bottle in the middle of the night?

Ramza - posted on 06/02/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is almost 1 and still wakes up every other night around 3am for a bottle. He wakes up about once an hour if I ignore him. Is this normal?


Jeni - posted on 06/02/2010




i not even going to try to answer if it "normal" but at 1 year old they should not be having a night need if they are eating solids through the day and having up to 800mls of formula/breastmilk.
waking at this age (unless they are going through growth spurt, if they teething, sick etc) is called trained night waking, it happens coz when they wake up they know that they get a reward (bottle or attention) Try giving a bottle of water for a few nights or just go in and tuck your litle one in without talking to him..its rough for a few nights but worth it when he sleeps soundly :)
good luck


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Liza - posted on 06/08/2010




I did the hard thing with my son at 18mnths - it took 3 nights but then he slept through. I offered him water which he refused and then cried and then calm down and asked again and I offer him water - the third night it went for 2 hours like that, but then he was fine. With my daughter I never did that and she only grew out of it at 3 years and that is not fun to wake up every night at that time! Hope you get it right!

Jessica - posted on 06/07/2010




i agree with putting water in the bottle. i did this with my daughter and she quit wanting one in the middle of the night. is his room dark at night or do you have a nightlight? we used a light when my daughter was first born and soon discovered she slept longer in a dark room. also try ignoring him for 5-10 min at a time if he is still crying go in let him know you are still there,cover him up and tell him night and leave the room. eventually he will know you are still gonna be there in the morning and sleep through the night. it can be rough for a couple nights, but a full night of sleep feels great when he finally sleeps through the night. good luck

Tarra - posted on 06/06/2010




my son is 8 1/2 mths and does the same thing. my daughter who is now 2 didn't do it but my son who is 8yrs old did it. They will eventually grow out of it and then we will both know what a full night sleep is like.. Lol

Sophie - posted on 06/06/2010




No, he get use to have a bottle at night, try to replace the milk with water, for a few days and see how it goes, if it's not working, don't go to him when he wakes up, after 2 or 3 days, or a little more, depend on the baby, normally he will sleep all night.

Good luck

Erica - posted on 06/02/2010




Yep! Probably going through a growing spurt. My daughter did the same thing for almost a month. Thought I was going to pull my hair out! right about 1 year she stopped (also gained 3 lbs and grew about 1.5 in!`

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