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Vanessa - posted on 10/13/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hey yall,

My little girl is one years old. Started around 8 months. When she walks her feet turn inwards. At first she used to trip over her feet but now she manages not to anymore. I've sought out various methods to get her to correct her feet, from adding more calcium (soy and rice milk) to her diet, massaging her legs and ankles, Vitamin C tablets, light weight / flexible shoes from Stride Rite, and barefoot walking. But everyday someone points out how "bow-legged" she is and how I should take her to a doctor to get braces put on or have them break her legs to correct them.

My thing is, everyday she seems to get better, she not that bad. I read somewhere that toddlers that start off bow-legged usually grow out of it by 3 yrs old, and if not, then that's when a parent should worry and consult a doctor for more evasive correcting.

What should I do?? Has anyone had experience with a bow-legged baby? HELP!! lol


Constance - posted on 04/24/2011




Hi My youngest daughter was bornwith a rare birth defect, that affets her entire body stucture. Bones, tendons, and muscle. Most little ones have some tpe of issue when it cometo their legs. If sh is improving everyday than it probally isn't a big deal. With my daughte only now is the orthopedic surgeon is getting involved to help manage her issues with her legs. She probally will out grow it. Don't worry eveything will be fine. promise.

Karen - posted on 04/24/2011




My nephew has bow legs, and was seen by a pediatrition. They measure the legs and if it is sever enough (which his wasn't) they would put him in braces. Get it checked out! why wait, early intervention!

Priscilla - posted on 10/13/2009




I JUST read an article about this, I wish I could remember where. Basically it said this is normal. The legs bow out, then get knock kneeded around 1-2 and then straighten out after 2-3. We are in the knock knee stage. :) I think we need to wait it out.

Michelle - posted on 04/24/2011




Talk to your pediatrician. If they think it's something that will simply be grown out of then they will tell you not to worry. I'm sure they would keep an eye on it if it didn't correct itself. Don't let other people diagnose your child (or stress you out about it). If in the end the ped says she's fine then she probably is.

Jennifer - posted on 10/13/2009




i think that you should take her to a doc she might just need braces you need more answers and a doc will help you understand your choices i understand that its scarry ill be praying for your family


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IsabElla - posted on 04/24/2011




my son is 8.. he is bow legged at his his legs litterally look like a bowtie turned sideways... they told me they could break them but it is very painful, takes a very long time for propper healing and physical therapy after.. your child will be in a full lower body cast as well as most likely a cathador and more... just the hought of seeing my then 2 yr old son in that much pain was mordifying and i refused to do it... it hasnt stopped him running jumping riding a bike he plays sports like soccer n baseball... the legs will never grow correctly but it doesnt seem to effect my son..its not seriouse enough that he couldnt walk or crawl and he did it later in his milestones then normal babys...its just how they are.. you could speak with your doctor about it and your concerns so they can keep an eye on it so as she grows they are growing with her body and not bowing past a specific degree angle... if its just her feet then she is more pingion toed and that as well could be brought up with your docter as well so they can keep an eye that they dont turn up towards the inner leg where she is walking more on the outside edge... always remember no matter how big or small ask questions express your concerns even for something as simple as a scratch... no question is stupid.. and if your not satisfied with the information your docter gives you which will be alot if they do there job right or they just dont seem to stick around long enough always get a second opinion and a 3rd request to see an orthopedic surgen and ask them.. there will be blood tests, xrays and such to rule out a bone or other condition..

Starla - posted on 04/24/2011




I have a son who is bow-legged... The doctors have just told me to watch but that it should correct itself by the time he is 2. I am like you and stay very observant, but things should work out!! Just watch and observe for any major changes other than that, wait it out like us!! Good luck!

Andrea - posted on 04/24/2011




ok... here is the deal from personal experience... I had bowed legs in early childhood... because I walked before "time" my mother is an amazing woman... she took me to the Dr.. they gave me braces to walk eat and sleep with... I am currently 21 years of age and I thank her that she didnt wait till I was older.. and made the sacrifice back then and dealt with the uncomfortable situation.. I thank her because although my legs are not "normal" as other ppl"s im the only one that notices because I knew that I had that.. as well as looking "normal" im double jointed in my knees haha! freak people out! and still my legs look amazing! so NEVER WAIT ON ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS>>> NEVER,... on the bad side later in my life I had problems with hormones... nothing to do with the legs but we never did anything about it and believed the doctors thought was "normal... wait till she's older" and now i suffer from hormone problems its too late to fix. SO GO TO DIFFERENT DOCTORS>>> until they give you a good diagnosis and solution!!.. I did not need surgery because I was still really young and my bones where forming.. so didn't go through embarrassment or pain that I could remember or got me traumatized!

Tiffany - posted on 10/13/2009




My daughter started out bow-legged also. But as she has grown, she has straightened out on her own. She is 2 now and we can barely tell that she was. I think that you should just keep an eye on it, if she continues to get better I wouldn't worry to much. But the important thing is to listen to your gut. You are the momma, you know when something isn't right. If you become to concerned that she isn't progressing towards staightening out, mention it to her doctor. Good luck!

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