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Mindy - posted on 11/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My youngest son (2 today) is giving us problems with potty training. He seemed to be doing better 4 months ago than he is now and I don't know what to do with him! I do not want to push him to hard because I have always heard that can make it worse? I know he is ready....he will even take his diaper off and bring me a new one or refuse to have a new one put on until he goes potty but only on his terms. We have tried all the normal routines/ tricks. Any advise on something new to try?


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Sharon - posted on 12/02/2009




You are doing a good job as potty/toilet training is really hard. My son was toilet trained at 2 years and 3 months old. He didnt go on the potty as I put him on the toilet straight away as we have a little colourful step ladder seat that goes over the toilet lid. Mind you he also got to see his big sister going to the toilet so I guess that helped alot too. One thing I did with him that is funny but it worked was I told him that Mr Toilet is very thirsty and hungry and if he doesnt give him a drink or some food (poo) then he will be sad. Then when he did a wee or a poo he was very excited to know he had fed Mr Toilet. It worked really well with him and he was happy to use the toilet. Funny I know but it worked :). Good luck as I am sure he will get it soon as sometimes they take awhile.

Rachel - posted on 12/01/2009




I worked in a daycare for a little over 2 years in the 2 -2.5 yr olds room and thats where the potty training would start. Definitely no diapers, only pull-ups or underwear. Most kids know that diapers are ok to go potty in and therefore have no real worry about trying to use the toilet. Try taking your son potty every 30 mins, doesnt have to go just have him sit up there either until he goes or for no more than 2 minutes. Then when you feel he is ready increase the time about 15 minutes and keep working your way up. When he has more than one accident a day decrease the time back down 15 mins. Going straight to underwear can be a little frustrating at first but most kids dont like to be cold, wet, and smelly so they will usually will try harder to go and if he has an accident, take him to the bathroom take off the wet clothes and put him on the toilet, explain "this is where you go pee/poopy not in you pants" but in a very understanding but slightly firm tone. Never punish for accidents no matter how upset you may be. This will only slow the process and cause him to regress. Always praise him everytime he sits on the potty and tries even if he doesnt actually go. When he does go however make sure the praise is more than the usual try small candies or stickers. Making them feel like they have just accomplished something really important will help them go. If he naps you might want to stick to pull-ups during those times or wake him up in the middle of nap have him go potty then send him back to finish naptime. Hope some of this will help

Heather - posted on 12/01/2009




You could try the no diaper thing and just put him straight in underwear. I didnt have a whole lot of problems with my son potty training, but I do know that he really hated it when he had an accident in his underwear. Did not like pee dripping down his leg.
While he was learning though. I read him Potty time with Elmo. He aslo had a video. But while he sat on the potty I would read to him or we would do our abc's in sign language. If he went pee he got a sticker to put on a chart and when that was filled he got to pick something out at the doller store. If he went poop he got a sticker and a couple of chocolate chips. This worked very well and I also did not have a problem ending the reward system. I just gradually kept forgetting to give them too him unless he reminded me and gradually he forgot as well. Also once the bag of chocolate chips was gone. I just told him their were no more.
I also started him off with just putting him on the potty for a few min. every 20-30 min. This got him starting to go on his own. I would also wake him up in the middle of the night and make him go. He only wet the bed a couple of times through the whole process. Now if he needs to go at night he gets up himself and goes.

Also for some kids if you give them a diaper then they feel like you are saying that you do not believe they can do it. We only used the pull ups at night for awhile, I called them night time underwear.

Good luck

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My 2 yr old has been using the potty for the past 3 weeks. I kept trying to push him to go but 3 weeks ago yesterday I just told him to take his diaper off and let him run around naked and by the next day or so I had him in underwear. I guess he knew that he wasn't suppose to pee in the floor and all. Good luck I never thought it would happen.

Brittany - posted on 12/01/2009




keep the potty out where he is most often and keep introducing him to it, the more he sees it the more interested he will become. Your a good mom just remember that because you are right if you push them too hard it can make it worse.

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