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My son is almost 5. He started out in gymnastics from 18months till 3 and then from 3.5-4 he took ballet,tap,and tumbling. Right now he is in soccer and has decided he hates it and just wants to take dance. He has chosen to take hip hop and their tumbling and cheer class. Let me first tell you that my husband and I both support him and just want him to do SOMETHING....ANYTHING... and he is not only an amazing dancer it seems to be the only thing in the world that can hold his attention long enough to be taught. Where we live not very many boys take dance...much less cheer so I guess I was kind of wondering if it is popular anywhere and if any of you moms have boys that dance and LOVE it.


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I have 3 kids, a girl (7) and two boys (3 and 2) and they are all in dance. My boys love it! No it's not that popular here either (nyc) but it is great for them both physically and self esteem! Heep up the good work mom :)

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i think ur doing a great job.
i use to dance years ago and where i use to live boys didnt dance but a few did. there was one that was OMG sooooo good. i know he loved it and kepted on dancing even as an adult also.
i have a son and i wanted to put him into dance because its fun and its great for the body. my husband is not a big fan about it. so the only way he said he would let our son dance is if our son "asked for it" i dont think my 3 year old even knows there is dance classes out there. so how is he going to be able to ask for something if he doesnt even know about it.

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I live in a small town and i was actually thinking about taking my 15mnth old son to dance class. where i live they have a mom and me dance class for 5 and younger. I think if your son likes it then everyone else will just have to except that and its also good that you and your husband support him on what he likes to do.


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I think its great! my son is 16 months old and there isn't any dance classes for his age but when he's three if he still has an interest i'll take him along to tiny tots. Marshall absolutely adores the show Angelina Ballerina especially when she dances I have never seen his face light up in the way it does when she dances its amazing and I'm all too happy to support his interest when he gets older and it keeps up. I'd be proud of my son if he was a lead male ballet dancer in a famous ballet company in the same way id be proud if he chose an office job or defence force or even construction..but thats a long way off i think

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I think its great that you and your husband are supporting him! I think thats great!
I have 3 under 5. My eldest son (almost 3) isnt in dance or anything else at the moment, but he loves dancing around the house with me while we vaccuum! He says "mummy look, im wriggling my cheeky bum!" Ha ha go to love it!

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Amy- we live in small town Texas and they have a mommy and me dance class for the younger kids also. We are going to do that with our daughter and some days it will be daddy and me dance because he is the one that can take her. I wish I would have done more mommy and me classes with my son it looks like so much fun!!!

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