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What does your child/children eat for breakfast?


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We have two standard breakfasts that my daughter can chose from. Oatmeal and a banana or scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast.

Occasionally I'll make smoothies, whole wheat waffles, or biscuits and gravy as a treat. I've recently discovered an awesome recipe for homemade poptarts with whole wheat flour and real fruit filling...and not much sugar. I've made it once, but it's time consuming. Next time I'm making a huge batch, freezing the leftovers and using them as special treats.

When my husband makes breakfast, it's usually sausage..maybe twice a month.

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We eat a very varied menu because I do not like eating the same stuff all the time. Also, I make sure there is a balance of protein and carbs because my oldest son does not get to eat lunch until almost noon so I do not want him hungry or tired at school. so we have oatmeal with yogurt and juice, cream of wheat with cottage cheese and a banana shake, cold cereal with cheese sticks and OJ, eggs with ham or mini sausage links and juiceand toast, we do pancakes or waffles or french toast on weekends with a fruit shake and eggs. It only takes me about 10 minutes to make breakfast and my hubby does the weekends.

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My 17 month old loves bananas he eats one almost every morning. He also eats cereal, oatmeal, whole grain waffles, whole grain toast (dry) yogurt, and other fruit. He is not big on eggs, but I try to get him to eat them!


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My son is allergic to eggs, so that's out. He eats cereal, banana or apple, or a doughnut or 2. He sometimes eats cinnamon toast.

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My son is one and he has different things every day with a banana or some other fruit: cereal, toast, yogurt, pancakes etc

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breakfast is SUPER important!! Eggs, whole wheat toast, Greek yogurt (plain, unsweetened is the best...if you need a sweetener, add a drizzle of agave nectar) fresh whole fruits, oatmeal (not the sugary packet stuff) cheese sticks... :)

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My 18 month old girls eat peanut butter toast, cold cereals with milk or dry, pancakes, sometimes eggs, they love bacon, eat lots of fruits, and sometimes juice.

Erin - posted on 03/09/2011




My 3 year old either oatmeal or cheerios. My 9 month old usually 1 scrambled egg and a piece of toast or frankly anything edible in front of him!

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*Scrambled egg sauteed with spinach topped with cheese

*Oatmeal with crushed nuts drizzled with real maple syrup

*Banana drizzled with honey and crushed pecans


*Whole wheat toast, bagel, english muffin with either jam, peanut butter or nutella

*Fruit like oranges, blackberries, blueberries, kiwi, peaches

*Biscuit with turkey sausage or bacon

*Cottage cheese and fruit

BTW - my son is two years old

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My son is 1. (14 months) He eats a bowl of applesauce every morning, and if we have bread he has a slice with pb and honey. We cut it into pieces and let him pick them up with his fingers. He drinks milk. Sometimes he eats some yogurt or cottage cheese, and sometimes dry Cheerios, and sometimes a banana or pear, cut up. Sometimes we have porridge instead, and he eats that with yogurt and applesauce and cinnamon mixed in.

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My 17 month old son eats cold cereals (Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Cheerios, Mini Wheats), fruit (many types), eggs a couple of times a week, toast with butter or jelly, or biscuits if he's with the grandparents. I also have tried cottage cheese and yogurt, but he won't always eat these. On morning when we have pancakes, he gets one too, and sausage when we have it; he really loves that! I think that pretty much covers it. Oh, no son just won't drink it! :)

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It all depends on what mood i'm in they will have cereal, toast, baked beans or spegitti on toast eggs pancakes anything really as long as i'm happy with the amonth in which they have eatten i'm not all that fussed

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my son is 2 and he has pancakes,cheerios,bacon, sausage and biscuits w/gravy.basically what ever he wants as long as it is not loaded with sugar.He feeds himself so as long as the spoon gets to the mouth and the food into his stomach I am o.k.Just no junk has to be healthy other than the bacon and sausage hehe.He only gets that on the weekends when daddy is home from work.Oh and oatmeal and grits.

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porridge with yoghurt and fruit- cereal and whole meal toast if we're running late!

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my 2 year old usually has some sort of cereal or pancakes when I decide to make them (3-4 days of the week). Occasionally he will have french toast and after paydays he will have a full breakfast of scramble eggs, toast, hashbrowns and half a piece of bacon.

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My 6 year old usually has scrambled eggs, toast, jelly biscuits, waffles (frozen, and only occasionally), pancakes (again, not often), yogurt with granola sprinkles, oatmeal with banana or strawberry slices, or cold cereal and milk.

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My 4 year old usually has a high fiber granola bar with some yogurt or fruit. He's not a big breakfast person.

About 1-2 times a month we have a big breakfast of pancakes or french toast, eggs, and bacon.

Lisa - posted on 03/07/2011




what age? My 4 year old and 2 year old eat cheerios, rice krispies, chex, toast, bagels, english muffins, eggs, pancakes, waffles.

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