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Hi... My baby turned a month today.. I don't understand his eating patterns still... As in the hospital they gave him formula for 2 days as I was not able to feed initially. Then I started lactating and I started feeding him still he was not satisfies kept crying all night.. So we gave him formula at night and all day breast feed... But there was no track on how much he was taking as we were so confused all the time that we could not even keep a check on his pattern... Now the issue is m lactating and feeding but he does not leave only for 1-2 hours he keeps eating and after he goes to sleep while on the breast I put him in the cot he again gets up in 10-15 mins and he wants to eat again... N this got so tiring that I have started to bottle feed him frequently as I get tired and have no patience... As I get bad head ache and back ache n breast get tender.. I feel so bad that I get milk but I m not able to feed... He is too cranky also at night so we can't sleep also at night... N now m so tired that I just don't understand what to do... Plz help


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I had trouble in the beginning because of soreness, and when I bottle fed my daughter, the formula would pore into her mouth, but with breastfeeding she had to work for it, and she fought me in the beginning. She would cry and cry. It was hard not to give up, but I'm glad that I didn't.

When they nurse for a long time, it could be that they just want the closeness. I remember trying to get my daughter to detach at night after she'd fall asleep, and she would wake up and start nursing again. I could fall asleep with her on my chest, but then she got too big, and I found a way to nurse her on my side so I could fall asleep. I'm a light sleeper, so I never worried about rolling over on her.

I remember having to feed twice in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. There are nursing pillows and slings now that can make you more comfortable.

I also rented an electric pump and I pumped when I got sore, or while I was at work, and I gave the milk to her babysitter or I gave it to her myself. Some pumps are awful and hurt, so I rented the expensive one that they had at the hospital. You can keep track of how much your feeding him that way, and you can also see how rich your milk is. It's watery in the beginning, then it gets thicker a few minutes into it. Some women don't have good milk production. He would cry constantly and not gain enough weight. You can research it if that's a concern.

I remember when my daughter turned one year, a male doctor tried to push me to stop nursing, but I let her ween on her own at 21 months. It made no sense to me to take it away when she wasn't ready. (My mom weened me too soon and I sucked my thumb until I was 7.) It was great to nurse her when she'd fall and hurt herself after she started walking, because she couldn't cry while nursing, and she was comforted by being close to me. That was my favorite part of nursing was knowing that I could easily stop her crying.

But having little or no sleep is par for the course with babies. You just have to sleep when he naps to catch up. I would go to my moms, and she would visit with her while I slept.

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It's possible that he may have reflux....both of my kids had it and were fairly frequent nursers. Does he seem to spit up more than what you think should be normal? A lot of times, the baby does not feel well from that reflux (like heartburn) and nurses more for comfort, which causes them to over-fill. What is your nursing habit? Do you nurse from one breast each time, or do you try to get him to nurse from both each feeding? He may not be getting the hind milk, which is important at this young age. I would recommend looking into reflux symptoms. Another question would be whether you give him a pacifier? Reflux babies need to suck..... a binky will save your nipples and stop him from overeating. I hope this helps!


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