Breastfeeding is tougher then I imagined and my boyfriend is not helpful....

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I loved breastfeeding in the beginning it was this amazing time when me and my son could just look at each other and then watch him fall asleep. I would sneak off to another room to be alone with him and just relax...I mean sure sometimes he'd have trouble latching but it almost always worked out. Now he has been eating every moment hes not sleeping or ready for a diaper change and if he doesn't get it soon he screams like a banshee. It breaks my heart. As well as when i do get him to my breast soon enough and he cant get a good latch I'm guessing (he starts but then comes off moments later) and after a couple dozen attempts he is breaking my heart again. So I decided that to keep me from going crazy I would introduce the bottle so his dad or grandma and grandpa could feed him. That way there'd be less pressure on me. I dont know about you guys but I wasnt thinking of the full truth of the situation when I was walking around 9 months pregnant saying Im gonna EB for 3 months before any bottles. I mean your basically permanently attached to this human being that will demand to be fed even when you have nothing for him.

So anyways I started introducing the bottle which he WONT take from me, and if Im around he wont take it from dad.

Dad has made it clear that he wants to continue playing his game unless i truly need something from him. He fed him 3 oz and then I took him after dad got grossed out by his diaper leaking out of his onesie which is were I took him and cleaned him up and gave him back to get the rest of the bottle. MISTAKE because now Benji nows boobs are around. So now he wont take the bottle dad gets fed up..."hes not hungry" and gives him to me. I try to feed him with my breast but he wont take. Benji is screaming his lungs out and so Im calming him down and trying again and over and over again. I go tell dad that I cant do this that I need him....and he just sits there and offers suggestions...."I dont want suggestions" I want you to understand!!!!


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Why couldn't Dad change him? He helped create this little human so he can help in all aspects of his care!
In regards to your LO latching, have you consulted your doctor/child health nurse/ lactation consultant? They would be able to see how he is latching on and give you advice. It's very hard to help without seeing how he's latching on.
I found that my kids wouldn't want a bottle if I was around because they could smell me. You need to let Dad know that if he is going to feed Bubs then he needs to do it from start to finish and not get frustrated, it doesn't help.

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