burnt out sahm needing a break

Jamie - posted on 09/03/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




This wil orobably be long so sorry in advance. Ive been a sahm now for going on 4 years jn december, with a almost 4 yr old, 16 month old, & baby due in january. I love being a sahm and getting to be the one there taking care of my babies, and being the one who is there for them. That being said.....i think even the best mothers need a break every once in a while. I havent been on a date with my husband since the begining of the year. The only person we have to watch the kids is my mom. Before i had my 16 month old she was always wanting to watch my oldest. So we had a baby sitter at least once a month. This year alone we have only had a baby sitter two times. I personally think it is importaint to get out with my husband and enjoy each other without kids to help keep the spark. Somedays i just feel like im gonna break! I love my kids, but i just need one night to myself, i am always giving giving giving. Which that is what a mother is suppose to do, i know. Ive just had a rough past couple weeks, so i asked my mom if she could watch the kids for one night so i can just relax, and she agreed to do it this weekend. Now all of a sudden she is telling me she is only going to watch my oldest....& this is the part yhat really makes me aggrivated, because she always finds an excuse why she cant watch both of them. She will ask all the time if .y oldest can come over and stay the night or if she can take him anywhere. In the 16 months that ive had my daughter, she has watched her twice. And one night was for my honeymoon. I have been looking to the night off/date night for the past 2 weeks. I am just so frustrated. I am her only child and she worked full time so i dont think she really understands what it is like to be around kids 24/7 without ever having a break. I just wish i could convey to her my feelings and put them into words. Im at my whits end.


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Michelle - posted on 09/03/2015




Maybe look around your area for babysitters. There are usually agencies or even teenagers near you looking for extra money. It may not be overnight but at least you can go out for a few hours with just the two of you.
Maybe even look into daycare for a day a week so you can just have some you time. The kids would probably love it and make some new friends and if you get to know some of the other parents then you can start up a group to take turns in babysitting for each other.

Amber - posted on 09/03/2015




Im a stay at home mom of 2 so i know exactly how you are feeling!!! Its such a blessing staying at home with your kids but its also 24/7 so you never get a break! There are times i get so stressed i either want to scream or cry! And worse it feels like your alone! I have an amazing hubby who works very hard and is great with our kids...but even that sometimes its not the break you need. I literally also havr no one to watch my kiddos except the occasional trip to my moms who lives 4 hrs away..my mother in law lives nearby but she never watches them! So date nights are non existent to us..which definitely takes a toll on your marriage and sanity...so i do understand how you feel! If u ever need to vent! But im sure your an amazing mom!

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