C-section vs. VBAMC/HBAC -3rd baby -vaginal delivery really worth it?

Melissa - posted on 03/12/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I know that there is a VBAC community but I really wanted to get a general opinion about this. My main question after hours of research is: "Is having a baby vaginally really all its cracked up to be?" Am I missing out on some magical process by choosing a 3rd section? I hate the recovery and really would like to allow my body the opportunity to try a natural birth. My first birth ended in a section after 15 hours of labor -the first half was beautiful until impared by drugs which unfortunatly ended everything. Also baby was spine to spine and was twisted. Even without drugs I am told her possition would have beenvery hard to deliver. My second baby was a section b/c of the small community that I live in does not support VBAC due to lack of an inhouse anesthesiologist to do an emergency section. I do live near communities that I are more open to VBAC but I just don't know if its worth all the trouble not to mention the small added risk??? Do I really need this experience at risk of my baby and my's health (which I understand is really blowen out of proportion if you look at the research -risk under 1%)


Laura - posted on 03/12/2010




I had a Vaginal Birth. I had 6 hours of natural Labor, Than they gave me Pitocin and another hour later I had an epidural. another hour later I pushed for another hour. And voilà, a baby, 9 hours total. I had an epesiotomy as well at the end. Overall I would have preferred a more natural Birth but I wasn't progressing at the beginning and then after the pitocin I wasn't coping with the pain and getting exhausted. As for recovery I really think I would have felt perfectly fine except for the soreness of the epesiotomy. and that only took a couple weeks to heal, and was only kinda bothersome. I say go for the VBAC if only for the easy recovery. Also I think vaginal birth babies are healthier, even if you do go with the drugs. No I didn't think it was a magical moment But I do feel proud to have given birth vaginally. 8lb 7oz 20 3/4" and 9 hours of work Totally worth it. :)


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Casandra - posted on 03/12/2010




I Understand where you Are Comming From My Son's Birth took 2 day's It Was A Mess so number 2 was a scheduled C-Section My Doctor Would Have Let Me Do A VBAC But Due to My History I Had Pre E And Was Only a Finger Tip Dilated he said it was Just Better To do A Section Again

I Don't Feel Like I Missed Out On Anything Just Glad My Kids Are Happy and In Good Health.It sound 's Like you Want to Have a Natural Birth Just Follow your Gut And Find a good doctor Good Luck!!!

Bethaney - posted on 03/12/2010




Well to be honest I would never want a c-section. I had my daughter when I was only 18 and I love how I did it. I had her 100% natural. No drugs AT ALL. My labor was about 15hrs (once I got to the hospital). I was having contractions every 2-4mins then when I got to the hospital they stopped. And I still didn't get anything. Nothing to speed it up and nothing to dull the pain. I'm proud of how I did! The best thing about not having a c-section and NOT having an epidural is that as soon as they take you to your room from delivery you can get up and do whatever. You don't have to wait around for healing time. You'll feel great. Hope this helps. Good Luck

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