Cabin Fever!

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I am a SAHM to two boys. My oldest is 3 years and my little one is 5 months. We don't have the money to go out and "do" anything, that involves money anyway and what doesn't involve money now adays?? So I am cooped up in the house all day, everyday with these two little boys. I also don't have any friends that I can just hang out with. My husband gets to go out every now and then with a buddy or two and do what ever. He doesn't understand why I get so cranky at what seems the most random of moments. I haven't gotten out of the house to do something for myself (with or without a friend) in atleast a month. I am going nuts and really need some ideas to help keep me sane so I don't go on a complete rampage. I feel bad getting snippy with the kids over little things or getting upset at my husband for something that really wasn't a big deal. Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of this cabin fever??


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Lisa - posted on 05/19/2011




LOok for a stay at home moms group in your area. I joined one when my youngest was one and it was the best thing I ever did. Annual dues were $25 and there were playgroups, etc that didn't cost more than gas to get there and maybe a snack to share. My son is now almost 10 and I cherish the frienships we both made. We never felt bored or alone again.

Mercy - posted on 05/19/2011




I agree with all. Being a SAHM is difficult! I have been one full time for 4 years now. I have 4 kids all boys. I stayed a year at home after the first two then went to work! I have twin 4 year olds. I only just found a moms club and low cost ($1-2) activities at the local YMCA to attend! Before I went NOWHERE!! My sisters get upset with me because they say I don't have fun or hang out with them! Not necessarily true! My lifestyle has changed since I had kids and they are both single moms but their kids are out of the country being watched by our mother. They party a lot so to them I'm boring! My husband is in retail so his hours are never the same. I try to do more things now, but key is to let your spouse know you need to go out! Yes google is a good resource for ideas too! I don't really have friends I can hang out with or talk to either during the day because they are at work. The decision is really on you to find a way to make things happen otherwise it's really lonely. When my husband and I do go out to dinner I am indecisive because I have no idea what is out there or what I want! I have felt sheltered for a long time, but I'M making things change for me now!
I truly wish you the best of luck and Gods Grace in everything! There are a lot of tips and advise from some pros on here, try them out! Be blessed!

Karen - posted on 05/18/2011




I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the same situation. It doesn't matter if I'm a stay at home mom at the time or a working mom at the time. My husband goes out by himself at least once every week. he works 2nd shift so it's either wal mart or an hour or 2 at the bar with friends. In 7yrs. I had 2 times where he watched the kids so I could go shopping. Both only lasted 3 hrs. Plus he called me constantly like he was expecting me to only take an hour or so to shop for clothes and get my hair cut. I have had family offer to watch the kids so i could go out with a friend but he never approved of their hang out spots (clubs) wich I can understand. But because they offered to take me there he thinks they would try and hook me up with a guy or something. He claims that taking me to see my friend once every couple of months should be enough. She is married, has 3 kids and I have 3 kids. I love to visit her but she isn't allowed to go anywhere either and it's kinda hard to talk even with 6 little kids running around screaming and (most of the time) fighting. We do picnics at the park with whatever we have on hand. play outside, do crafts, watch movies ect. My husband takes me out on a date night once in a while but it usually ends up with us doing what he wants. I can never make up my mind. It's like I've become so sheltered that I don't even know what there is to do in our area for grown ups. We have no mommy groups up here, too far away from libraries, and everyone seems more interested in people they already know. My only friend who lives close enough is a 45 yr. old menonite lady and her 13 yr. old daughter. Really nice people but I still get pretty depressed at times. So you're not alone.

Arlene - posted on 05/18/2011




Do you have a park down the road or near you? You and your kids can go to the park or to the museums, to the library to get out of the house. Are the children's grandparents alive and living near you? Maybe you can ask them to watch them for you awhile you can go for a walk. It is also good to be a part of a church so you can join a mom and kids group or women's league that you can ask someone to watch your kids for you to get a walk, but you must return.

Medic - posted on 05/18/2011




I live in Texas and there are tons of things to do for free...parks, rivers and lakes, hikes, playgrounds, flying kites, fishing...all of these things we do with both of our kids ages 4.5 years and 15 months, boy girl respectively.

Jenn - posted on 05/18/2011




When i am looking for fun things to do for free i google it. Just type in free things to do in _______ (insert your city here)..or free things to to this summer, or free things to do with kids...You will find TONS of lists where you are sure to get some inspiration and find some great ideas. Here is one i found for you and the kids:

Heres some ideas to pamper yourself for free (or cheap)-

And things to do with your partner for free-

So get on Google and get searching i PROMISE you will find plenty of fun things to do for free (or almost free)!! Be sure to come back and let us know what you find:) Enjoy!!!

Stacy - posted on 05/18/2011




Can you join a church group? Some churches have mom groups that even provide childcare for a donation. Or go on a walk, mall, family members house, etc... I too am in your boat though. I am a first time sahm with a 6 month old. I get so bored sometimes, and often wonder if i made the right decision to stay at home.

Jamie - posted on 05/18/2011




I completely understand how you feel. It really sucks when "going out" is a trip to the grocery store. I'm not licensed and I live in the middle of nowhere so I really have no idea how to help you. My husband to doesn't understand how I feel and he also doesn't understand why when the few times I get to go someplace I often hate it. Apparently going someplace with his boss's wife who I'm not really friends with but kinda have to deal with is supposed to be the time of my life. Not to mention having DD in tow along with her 2 babies under 2.

Kimberly - posted on 05/18/2011




There are plenty of things you can do that don't cost money...I take my 20 month old daughter to the library once a week and we get new books out, and honestly we wouldn't even need to take the books home, she's so happy to play in the children's section with the other children there. We also go to the playground and parks, she loves seeing the ducks in the stream and we have picnics, just sandwiches and fruit, things she'd normally eat for lunch. Plus most malls have a big play area for children, I take my daughter to our local one and she runs around there for a good hour before she's tired. You should google mommy and me classes in your area as well...those should be completely free and then you'll have a chance to hang out with other moms. I'm not sure where you are but I've just moved to Texas from London, and I had all of those options in London, and I'm starting to find all the same things here in Texas as well, so you should be able to find something in your area as well! Good luck :)

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