Calling uk moms, need advice

Courtney - posted on 05/28/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a stay at home mom 19 with a 4 old daughter and my bf 17 although 18 in two months he is in college if he moved in with me who would I contact to do so ? And how would it affect my benefit is and income support, any advice would help no idea what I'm doing 😅


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Bella - posted on 06/14/2017




Hi @Courtney Jade, yes I think its best you go to citizens advice to get the right advice. The rules change all the time so you want to be sure you get the right information.
Also lots of info online on their website

All the best.

E - posted on 06/09/2017




Hey :D
Get yourself down to citizens advice. It will effect your benefits if he has work, and if he claims too then it will effect the total amount your household is entitled to.

Go here:

Fill it out as if you live together. It will take a little while but will give you a really accurate sum of what you are entitled to together.
Remember, once you claim as a couple for anything, if anything should happen for you two to break up or he moves out, it gets a bit complicated to seperate them again and the amount will change again.
As for who to contact about living together, you simply need to phone your local town hall and make an appointment to change his address. Once it's changed to your address, its done, you live together.
If you don't want to claim with him, but want him to live with you, then you will still need to contact the benefits office and tell them that your circumstances have changed.
Click "Existing Benefits Claim" under the first section "How to contact" and you will get someone on the phone to help.

Good luck mama! ♥ xx

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