Can a baby be 2 months and teething?

DeserRai - posted on 07/01/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is two months and i think he may be starting to teeth. is that possible this early?


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Christy - posted on 07/03/2011




Yes. My son had 2 teeth come in at 2 months of age, and he was born a month early.

Carrie - posted on 07/03/2011




Yes they can start the teething process. Gripe water is great and natural. Oragel helps them too but more chemicalish.

Jenni - posted on 07/02/2011




Well it is definitely possible. I've heard of cases where a baby is born with a pearly white. Some babies can also show signs of teething for quite awhile before the tooth erupts. My daughter started dribbling a lot around 2 months and around 4 months started showing classic signs of teething... but her first tooth didn't erupt until 8 months!
What are his symptoms?

Casey - posted on 07/01/2011




yes it is possible even at this early age for his teeth to be already starting to cause him problems, his teeth might not actually come up for a while yet but they do start to move and cause them pain well before they come through so it may very well be teething discomfort that your little possum is experiencing, if he seems to be in alot of pain with them the see your local pharmacist cause I know you can get some pain relief for children from one month old you just have to make sure you get the right stuff for his age. Also keep in mind too that it might have nothing to do with teething as well alot of babies go through a stage from 6-12 weeks where they can become very unsettled too so maybe it's just a stage but if you can give him some paracetamol or something then at least you can rule out pain as the problem, goodluck :)

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