can anyone give me tips on patience for a preschooler?


Jodie - posted on 11/02/2009




When? in general, give them a timeline they can understand, use "first-then" 2 or 3 steps till what they are impatient for ("First you do this, then you can have that". Also, kids like timers alot. If they cant wait till their turn with a toy, then set a timer for 5 min. In the mean time distract with something else fun.


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I use a timer with my son and often refer to the clock giving him a number in minutes. I acknowledge how difficult it is to have patience but encourage him to wait. I take opportunities to talk about waiting and praise him when he does it patiently. We might be in McDonald's and I'll say, "Are we waiting for our food? I like how you are being patient while we wait." They need to hear you praise them for the times they are patient. I also think it is important to model for them. My best friend is the most impatient person I have ever met and so are her kids (and she actually wonders why they are that way!?).

Sarah - posted on 11/02/2009




Well... I was having alot alot of patient problems with my 3 year old, and i have two other kids who were never like he is, and i realized that our relationship had become a power struggle... i wanted him to do one thing he wanted to do another thing then he would cry or not do it and then i would get mad and yell or just keep demanding that he do what i am telliing him and in that case i had to stop and breath... i had to start giving him choices and asking what he wanted in a round about way to get him to do what i wanted him to do , but he got to choose, and now a few months later he is much much better, he is not perfect and we still do not have our moments, but he can accept when he doesn't have a choice that that is what he just has to do and that next time he will get to choose, not nearly as much fits!!! hope this helps... unless you meant in your question that you wanted to teach your toddler patience and in that case,. so sorry for rambling... i took it the other way!!! my kids have no patience themselves, cant help you their :)

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