Can't decide weather to have a 3rd baby as i'd love a boy.

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I currently have two gorgeous girls aged 8 and 3.Me and hubby can't decide weather to try again as we'd love a little boy.Don't get me wrong i adore my daughters and wouldn't change them but can't help wanting a boy.Feel terrible sometimes for wanting a son as shouldn't we all want healthy babies?Just wondering if anyone feels the same,or if anyone else has gone ahead and tried for a boy/girl and got there choice.Read so many books and looked at so many websites that say you can improve your chances of conceiving your desired choice but not sure how realiable they are.Be grateful of any advice,thanks.Kerry


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Thanks for all the responses.If we did go ahead and we had another girl,she would be loved just the same and we'd treat her no different. As a few of the responses have said you should want a healthy baby,this is of course true.I love being a parent and like to think that i do my best for my girls.I don't prefer boys,i have a nan who thinks like this and i can't bear it.My girls are my world and any addition would be a blessing too no matter what sex.I think as a few have said it it 50/50,very true,Just wondering though if anyone has tried various methods and had any success.

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You are completely normal for feeling this way. I think that many women don't admit to wanting a certain gender, but in reality, many do! I am dying to have a little girl (I have 2 boys). I've always wanted girls, never even imagined that I would ever even have a boy. I am over the moon in love with my sons, but I have always wanted 4 kids. I am just crossing my fingers that I will have a little girl by the end.

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We have two girls and wanted to try for a boy as well. I am due in 26 days and it is a boy. I just tried to stay healthy before getting pregnant and really paid attention to my cycle. They say the closer you are to your prime ovulation days the more likely you are to get a boy and the further out from it you will probably get girls. We tried for both girls and got them and for the boy and got him. Maybe we just got lucky,but I think if you really investigate how ovulation and your cycle work and when they all occur you have a much better chance! And yes, you do have to both prepare yourselves in case you get another girl and make sure you'd be okay with that too.

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i say go for it! just like u said, if u have another girl you would love her just as much so why not? :) to be honest i had a preference when i was pregnant. i desperately wanted a girl, due to being from a family of girls. but i didnt admit this to anyone incase we had a boy and i didnt want people thinking im not happy with what we had lol! we didnt find out what we were having until the birth, and we had a girl! i was overwhelmed wiht joy! the funny thing is, with my last ultrasound ( i had soo many due to complicated pregnancy) i thought i saw a little something something and was convinced we were having a boy and i was soo excited. it just shows it doesnt matter what you have as long as bub is healthy. lol. but dont worry, youre not the only one out there with a preference lol! x

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I always wanted a boy, only a boy. When I got pregnant with my first and found out it was a girl, I was elated. I don't know why. But when I got pregnant with my second, I knew for a fact I wanted a boy, but when I found out I was having a boy, I was disappointed that Kennedy wouldn't have a sister. I do want another girl, but I'm not going to go through pregnancy or child birth ever again. But you know what...its perfect. You may feel like you want a boy, but if you do have a 3rd and its a girl, you're going to love it. She's going to fit perfect. But, according to the chinese calendar, every single one of us had the sex that it predetermined. If you guys want a 3rd, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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If you have sex before you ovulate you will most like likely have a boy. The male sperm is slow but sticks around for awhile, at least that is what I was told by a nurse when I was sure my first was a boy. I had him by IUI and had the IUI before I O'd.

That said, I think some people are genetically prone to having one sex over another. My BIL has 3 girls from 3 different women. Both my brothers have 2 girls. One brother from 2 different women. One was the only girl on her Father's side from way back, and she had 4 boys from another Man! if you don't mind having another girl go for it.

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I have 3 Kids it's a lot of work but fun.. if you really want to have a boy try conciving him when your birthday and month you get pregnat add up to an odd number for example; if you get pregnat in march month 3 and you are 24 years old that month it's odd it should be a boy add 24 plus 3 it's 27 it came out right fr all my kids and all of my friends. of course it's not garanteed but this is an old chinese thing that seems to work. what is the worse that can happen you have a nother gorgeous girls good luck let us know if it works as well for you. and if you want a girl make sure the moth and your age the month you get pregnat add up even.

Kgilbertuk - posted on 04/09/2010




if we decide to go ahead and have another little one it will be our last.I would not keep trying,and like i said which i think a few people haven't read i will love the baby if its girl,Yes i'd prefer a boy and if a scan determined the sex to be another little princess then i have to be honest and say i wouyld be a tad dissapointed but as long as the baby was healthy i would be fine with it.Honestly :)

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I get that. I had a VERY hard time getting pregnant, and when I finally had my daughter, I was elated. But, I have always dreamed of having a boy. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy just to have a successful pregnancy, I didn't care about gender with my daughter, but I'd love to have a boy. Problem is, I don't know if I want to go through all the drama of pregnancy again. Whatever path you choose, I am sure it's the right choice for you and your family.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/08/2010




I understand where you are coming from. My husband and I have two boys and we both want a girl more me. We are perfectly happy if it turns out to be another boy, however if it isn't a girl than we will stop after that. Don't know what kind of alternative things are out there read some. My first son I was on top, my second son I was on bottom so don't know how much of that saying is true. As for diets to try who knows. Has anyone tried diets?

Tanya - posted on 04/08/2010




and what if that 3rd baby happens to be a girl? will u keep trying until u get a boy?

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well third one for us came 3 years early for what we had planned, we had 4 and 18 m os old boys at the time she was born. It was a lot in the beginning but now I wouldnt have it any other way. One thing about third ones is that you really know what you are doing so theres not a lot of surprises ( all kids are different but the basics are the same) One thing though is that now you and your husband are outnumbered. When you go to outings you cant anymore take one and one, you will always be looking around and counting to make sure you still have all of them around and safe. But for us transitioning to three kids was easier than transitioning from one to two.
You never know which one you'll have so as long as you are open to a girl also go for it. I have a friend who has been trying for a boy for years now. They have a bunch of girls..
I was sooo happy when I found out my 3rd was a girl and I think I would have been disappointed at first had she been a boy ( since I had two already) but youll love your kids no matter what sex they are. Dont do it just to have boy, do it to have a third child and if its a boy then double congrats :)

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my husband and I are blessed with a girl then a boy (so can't say i know exactly how you feel right now but. . .). After we had our daughter, we knew we would want a boy. We went back and forth for several months about whether or not we should try for another baby, cuz maybe it would be our boy. We came to the conclusion that we would wait a little while to be sure that we wanted another BABY, not a boy. When we were certain that we were ready to love and care for another baby (regardless) we decided to go ahead and try. Of course we hoped for a boy to complete our family, we really waited for that "it doesn't matter as long as the baby is healthy" mentality before we got pregnant again. As for the books you read and all that, you really don't get to choose, so we thought it best to wait for that moment when any baby God blessed us with would be perfect for us. :-))) Good luck and I'm not trying to say that you wouldn't take equally good care of a baby girl, just giving my opinion.

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We had the same dilema, whether or not having a 3rd baby. We weren't thinking about sex of the baby, just having another one. Only you guys can decide if you want to or not. If you have another girl will you be disappointed? Are you having a 3rd only so you can get a boy? I wouldn't base my decision on that. Think about if you want another baby to love and teach and parent. We did decide to have another one and can't wait to see him or her. I wouldn't put too much faith in "positions" that will give you a boy or girl, I'm pretty sure it's a 50/50 chance. But then some guys can only have a girl or boy, but whatever. Just base your decision on things other then the sex.

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I had two boys and always wanted three kids (and a girl of course) so we got pregnant, and had twin girls!! You never know what will happen, you could end up with 4 girls!

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Have a third baby because to want another baby no matter the gender. My husband and I were all over the... place with our conception efforts and still landed with two boys. We did decide to have a third and my husband would like for it to be a girl, but I just wanted a 3rd and for it to be healthy.

Do not feel bad for wanting a boy, we want what we want. I have a friend who wants one of each, but as it's a no guarantee type thing, has decided to not have any or to adopt. Good luck.

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After only reading the question and not the post...
Just think of how you would feel if you had another boy, not a girl. Would you be ok with that? If so, then go ahead, but if you would be disappointed, then maybe it isn't a good idea.

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I had a third baby hoping for a girl. It turned out to be another boy. Didn't matter though, with the third one I've fallen in love with all of them even more!

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me and my hubby are wantin a boy too. ive read alot of the stuff online and ive been doing some of it. i also have to kids one a boy one a girl. i want ed a girl and i got one by me being on top. and i was on bottom with my son too so thats kinda what im going by. but i dontknow if theres really any granute that yall with get a boy but if you want one youll never know if you couldve had him so id say give it a try :) unless you dont want another girl,

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