can't get my 12 mo. old to stop biting! help!

Lindsey - posted on 06/08/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 1 in a few weeks and has 4 top teeth, and 2 bottom teeth. For about a month now she has been biting me and my husband, hard! now she has started biting other children, eek. I tell her "no biting", and try to redirect her but she laughs and goes to do it again. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.


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Gina - posted on 06/09/2010




Definitely if a child starts biting the best way would be to explain to them and then bite them on the hand or arm, so they know how it feels and they will stop. Just a light bite will do it and trust me they will get over it, it's just so they can feel what it feels like to be on the recieving end. My youngest actually started when she was breastfeeding but I only had to do this once and she stopped! Lol

Cheryl - posted on 06/08/2010




I had a granddaughter who we struggled with the "no biting" for a couple of years..did all the suggestions..this is what finally worked, washed her mouth out with vinger when she bit...used it half and half..was 5 to 6 weeks before it happened again. did it two or three times and it was I keep it in a spray bottle and use it for a couple of different well for all the kids..really they don't like it.. I have a 10 year old that got vinger twice and the first was 5 years ago and he can still tell you what it was for.

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Bite her. Biting hurts and and the other children do not deserve it. Where I live if your child is a biter no daycare will have them. Nobody wants their children coming home with bite marks all over them. My daughter bit me twice. It's a stage that every kid goes through, but given that children of this age learn more through sensory perception because their cognitive abilities aren't yet that advanced, you have to teach to their sensory perception. Next time she bites you, tell her ouch! NO! bite her arm or leg (somewhere fatty) hard enough that she feels pain. It hurts, it makes you sad, she will cry, but she will learn that way. Talking to a one year old, or redirection with this type of issue won't help. I have never talked to anyone that had to bite more than twice. I bit my kid once. After that if she would start that thing that they typically do (they typically drool, and gum on you then bite down) I would say NO in a very firm voice and my guess is that she would remember being bitten and she would stop immediately.

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i did the same.. with both boys.. at about a year was when it really escalated.. i did the no bite, light tap on mouth.. finally it was happening way too much, to me, hubby, not other kids, but i bit on the arm enough for them to feel, thats it.. and neither did it again, i promise you it worked

Theresa - posted on 06/08/2010




my mother in law used to bit her kids back. I am not sure if she has ever done this with my son, if she ever did I would be very she said it got her kids to stop biting immediately

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