Can't get my child to stop sleeping W me

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My son is 2 him and his sister that is 4 share a room they have there own beds but they don't even really play in there room let alone sleep in it my daughter sleeps in her bed but if I even take my son in his room he flips out automatically so he sleeps with us we have a queen size bed and most nights I wake up and get in his bed because I can't sleep from having no room at all sometimes I wait for him to fall asleep but he just wakes up crying a few hours sometimes even minutes later when he doesn't feel someone next to him . When my daughter was 1 we did the cry it out method but she was an only child and I don't want him to be scared to go to sleep I just want him to sleep in his own bed I need help my husband and I hardly get any time together because of his job and I would like to look forward to night time but I don't I need help. And even if I did get him to sleep in his own bed what should I do about him waking up in the middle of night screaming cause he wants to get in the bed with me ? It's hard to cause him and his sister share a room . -Ashley


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start with his bed in your room but DO NOT let him get in yours ever. Once he gets used to his bed then move the bed into the room with his sister. Being a new room and new bed will be scary so this will transition him and you can let him scream if need be. I don't like it but that's the only way my daughter will sleep so I have to. Also find a toy he will be really close to. My daughter takes a whole pile of stuffed animals to bed with her, she is 2 by the way, and if she wakes up during the night it is to find a toy that fell out of bed rather than to cuddle with me.

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