Car Seat Recommendations for Preschoolers

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Hi! I was wondering what kind of car seats people are using for their preschoolers. My son is about to outgrow his seat with the 5 point harness, and I tried the booster that uses only the seat belt, but do not feel that it is safe enough. I need one that has the 5 point harness for children who weigh more than 40 lbs. I have researched a little bit, and have found the Britax one that has the 5 point harness for children who weigh up to 80 lbs, but at nearly $300, it is more than I can afford. Any recommendations for really safe seats at a more affordable price?


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Tamara - posted on 05/20/2010




My 6 and 7 year old are still in the Britax Marathon (goes to 65lbs) We got them on sale about $200 each. They both love the 5pts race to get theirs on and tightened. yes still a bit pricey but its something that lasts a long time.

Angela - posted on 05/19/2010




Well I have to say I bought the Britax and not only does it go up to 80lbs but it also can be use rear facing for a very long time which is the safest way to transport children. I did my research and it is considered one of the best. I ended paying more than you because I had to ship it to where I live (Holland) and pay in Euro.
I highly recommend it and can I suggest maybe asking family and friends to donate towards it?
However they are becoming more popular and maybe you can find one cheaper doing some google work?
This is a great website
if I remember they give suggestions.
I love my Britax and I am even taking it with me on my plane ride to visit the family to the USA, it was worth every penny.

Lory - posted on 05/19/2010




have you looked at the ones with the high back? the seat belt goes through a slot at the top by your childs shoulders and it helps it to stay in place over the chest. when we first started using this seat for my 5 yr old i would lock my seatbelts so she was tight to the seat but i now just have to tell her to sit safe and the seatbelts will lock even if i stop fast.

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