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When should we stop using the infant car seat to the bigger one? My babies are 10 months and they are very uncomfortable in them, they don't fit anymore and their feet are all squeeze in that seat.


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Carrie - posted on 02/19/2009




I have 3 children my youngest is 9 months and she started in a bigger car seat last month...she was 20lbs. so I faced her forward, but that's not the case for all children. When mine were born the last two were 9 lbs and 2oz away from they reach 20lbs fairly quickly. My first one was only 8 3 though so I had him in a regular car seat but faced the opposite way. I hope this helped

Sharon - posted on 02/18/2009




I moved my oldest son out of his car seat when he turned a year even though my infant car seat allowed up to 30lbs rearfacing, I just wanted him more comfortable and got the best car seat on the market (Britax Boulevard). He was just hanging at 20lbs when he turned one so he's still rear facing. Now at 22 months old he's 22lbs. Even though he can be turned forward facing I am still having him rear facing. I plan to have him rear facing until he hits the 35lbs maximum weight because it's just safer that way. Now, my almost 3 month old will probably be well over 20lbs at one year of age and I'll do the same which is get him a convertible car seat but continue to have him rear facing. I would take broken legs over a broken neck anyday! Good luck!!!

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First of all, if they offer one in your area, take a child seat safety course.  It will only take a few hours of your time and you will learn SOOOO much.  I had my son in the infant seat until he outgrew it per the manufacturer's instructions.  I then bought a convertible seat.  At first, I thought this was inconvient for me because I could no longer just pop out the seat and carry that with me.  But then I noticed that at that age, he was able so sit up in the shopping cart on his own anyways and plus, I got to carry my boy on my hip  :)  The convertible seat is cool because it allows a little more room for legs (once they are the proper weight and height or MORE of course) PLUS you can just turn it around when appropriate per (again) the manufacturer's instructions.  Most cities offer a car seat safety course for free and I would definitely recommend taking it if it is offered in your area.  Not only did I gain a lot of knowledge, I also got a free car seat (with a $20 donation...not bad considering it was a Graco infant seat...$65 value).  In my town it's done with the Fire Department.  My boyfriend and I learned a TON of things about car seats that you will never read in a manual.  For one thing, babies running out of leg room?  Legs can be fixed.  Cramped is ok.  You want your baby to see where they are going, not where they've been?  They don't know the difference.  You want to add a mirror to see your baby in your rear view while they are still rear facing?  Concentrate on driving.  If you want to see your baby, pull over and get in the back seat to have a look.  Dress your baby in a puffy jacket when it's cold and then strap them in?  Wrong.  The less between your baby's skin and the straps, the better.  Add a blanket after they are strapped in if needed.  Go out and warm (or cool) the car a little early.  These are things I didn't know and never would have thought of since so many things are marketed towards new makes one's head spin.  Safety is THE most important thing.  When we took our class, they actually got in our back seat and showed us how to properly install it.  Then, as we moved up, we went back and they showed us how to properly install that one too.  I would say take your beautiful babies and find a class (it only took maybe 2 hours of our time).  It's well worth it.  Good luck, safety first, and good Lord your babies are beautiful!

Claudia - posted on 02/18/2009




Definitely time to upgrade, but would keep them rear-facing as long as possible.


Here is a video about the importance of rear-facing car seats for your child.  WARNING: Get your kleenex out....

Brandi - posted on 02/18/2009




If they don't fit anymore, then it's prob time to move to a convertable seat. Usually the seats list a weight or length as a guidelinet o what it will accomidate.

Samantha - posted on 02/18/2009




I put my son in a backwards convertable carseat (the one after the infant) and he loved it!! You can definitely do that, its best for them to still be facing backwards tho!!

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