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Does it make me a bad parent because my son has a cavity at the age of 4. When the dentist told me he had a cavity I was so embarrassed and when I got out of the dentists office I thought they were just talking about me and what a bad mother i was


Faith - posted on 03/31/2010




NO!! Your son can have cavities for many reasons, not b/c your a bad mom. Well unless you've never brushed your childs teeth since he was born, lol. My son suffers from chronic bad teeth, he brushes,plaque detects, we brush his teeth, he flouride rinses w/ alternating listerine kids show stuff and actII. He is actually going in to have ANOTHER major amount of on the 7th. So far to date he has had 8 crowns, 4 cavity fillings, 2 resin fills. Lost a crown due to someone's goody bag at school for their birthday had a laffy taffy. That was then filled with a spacer. The two front teeth were removed due to an absece (sp?). All this by the time he was 6!!! When he goes back on the 7th he will be having his remaining 6 crowns worked on, a permanent retainer cemented in, his remaining back teeth sealed, another cavity filled, and 2 teeth son is 7 yr olds. I always felt like such a bad mom! BUT when I think about all the things my husband and I do to help prevent his teeth from decaying and having further problems there really isn't anything that I have left to do. I guess I could completely cut out his 1 piece of candy he gets every so often but he's a kid.

Do not feel embrassed, some kids just are predisposed to cavities. Also if your dentist and techs are making you feel bad, and you are doing everything you can to keep his teeth healthy they probably aren't the right dentist office for your son. Thats just unprofessional.

Best of luck and I hope that your lil guy has no problems when he gets his filling :)

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