Chemicals got around my daughters bottles, I need advice ASAP! Please!

Jessica - posted on 09/18/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My garbage disposal got clogged, so my husband used the plunger to unclog it. Then used scrubbing bubbles (all we had) to clean the sink. All in the meanwhile my daughters bottles (all broken down and exposed) were sitting next to the sink. As well as my breast pump adapters and the bottle sponge. They didn't smell like any chemicals got on them, but I know the plunger pushed water up and the scrubbing bubbles created a little mist. I'm freaking out because these are all the bottles I have and the breast pump kit is super expensive as well. I washed them with hot water and soap, should I boil them too? And what about the sponge? Its all I had to clean them with.. Ugh, darn DH. I don't want my daughter getting sick..


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The Anca situation is now sorted Sherri. I have removed her from the community. If there are any more problems don't hesitate to contact me. It may take me a while to reply since I am in the opposite timezone but it will be dealt with.


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DeAnn - posted on 09/19/2012




As long as you're rinsing with lots and lots of water, it should be ok. Household chemicals are dangerous right out of the bottle, but they are designed to dilute easily to minimize risk. Boiling won't do much, because it's not about sterility - the chemicals are made to kill bacteria and viruses anyway. Your concern is toxicity. I don't specifically know what compounds are in that stuff, but you could potentially break them down into something worse by boiling. If you want to play it safe, replace the bottles and tubes for peace of mind. But honestly, I don't think a little mist will cause a problem, especially if you rinse well.

I hated Organic Chemistry in college, but I'm pretty sure I retained a few things. :)

S. - posted on 09/18/2012




I'm not sure what scrubbing bubbles are? I'd go buy some cold water baby sterilising solution from the super market and wash the bottles in that, replace the sponge just to be on the safe side.

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