Childless vacations jealousy!

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Hi Everyone,
I'm a stay at home mom of two young children 3.5 year old boy and a 8 month old baby boy(who does NOT sleep through the night, he's only slept through the night like 5 times since birth). Anyhow, I'm wondering with absolute complete jealousy and envy at parents who have relatives willing and able to watch their children so that they may take a childless weekend vacation or even week long vacation? I guess my feelings stem from the fact the my husband and I absolutely never have alone time other than after bedtime(which is on call with a baby who doesn't sleep through the night). My husband's family lives overseas and I have family nearby but they are absolutely NOT interested in watching our children, even for an hour long dr.s appt(I had to take a 6 week old baby with me and a 3 year old to my IUD insertion appt because no one could watch my children) However, my sister who has one child frequently has my 65 year old mother watch him for weekend getaways etc. Which I honestly don't even know how it happens because my mother does NOT babysit and has no interest in doing so or perhaps just with my children. Besides even if my mother agreed to babysit our kids for any length of time, my mom would probably flake out as she is highly unreliable and as a result we never ask her to babysit. I'm just wondering if there are other parents of young children out there like me who are in the same boat and have the same feelings of jealousy regarding the impossibility of childless vacations? My husband and I always have our children with us(usually me because I am a SAHM) and when I hear people going on childless vacations or even grandparents who volunteer to take the grandkids for the weekend I'm always like "gee that must be nice!" We also rarely do date night do to the cost of hiring a babysitter(that's if we could find one that can deal with a baby who doesn't sleep through the night). An evening out could easy cost $60-$70 for just a babysitter alone, let alone the cost for entertainment/food/drinks. Sorry for the rant, just curious of people's opinions/thoughts.


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Well my oldest child is 12 (the others are 9.5 & 3.5) and before the last school holidays, my Mother, had only ever had my oldest one twice overnight and that was before his brother was born. One time she had him back with us at 8:30am and they live an hour away!!!
My Mother is the only grandparents that any of my children have in the country (both my ex husband and current husband aren't Australian) and she hardly makes the effort to see them. My Dad lives in America and I will finally see him tomorrow after 3 years!
Yes it's hard but I chose to have children and I know that when they leave home I will miss them dearly. That's when I will have my life back though. They are little for such a short time so I have made sure I enjoy them while I can.
My boys have just come back from a holiday with their Dad to New Zealand for 10 days and it's so good to have them back. We still had our daughter so it wasn't child free time. I prefer when I have the boys as they love helping out with their sister.

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