Children say the silliest things....what has your l.o said lately???

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My l.o isn't talking yet, but i was at my grandmas the other day and she was talking to us about my cousin Destiny who is 3yrs.

Grandma: I really don't know what to do with this little girl anymore i think i have to take her to see somebody she's just not all there!!!!
Destiny: Grama i'm right here see i haven't gone anywhere!!!!

Many of you might thing this isn't funny but we just started laughing so hard!!!

So i would like to see what silly things has your l.o said or done?


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Amanda - posted on 12/10/2009




Today my 3 year old asked me what was on my foot. He was pointing to a bone. I asked him where his foot bones were and he said.."Mom, my foot is in my sock, so they are in my sock"

Lindsey - posted on 12/10/2009




mine probably isn't as funny hearing it once but considering the fact that it happens over and over, makes it funnier. my 18 mo old will not call his dad "dada". the closest we can get is "dado". my mother in law was reading some books with him that had tractors in it. she said "there's the dadddy tactor, the mommy tractor, and the baby tractor." now everytime my son sees a tractor he says "dad-dy". but if you put to my husband and ask who is that, he'll say "mama?" lol, my poor hubby.

Julia - posted on 12/10/2009




My little girl who is 3 has an odd facination with boobs...I guess because she doesn't have any. Anyway. The other day she walked up to me and said....Mommy I love your pretty boobs. I don't have any cuz im not a grown up but you and nana do have boobs and i like them.

Some people may think the is a little disturbing but i think it is hillarious. The look on her face was so sincere when she said it like she was giving me and my mother a compliment so we just said thank you and laughed it off.

Leisel - posted on 12/10/2009




My husband is a doctor and when my eldest was three/four he often used to work night shifts. One evening after he was gone Josh was having a breakdown over daddy having to go to work.
Josh: Where has daddy gone?
Me: To the hospital to work.
Josh(very tearfully): Why does daddy have to go to work?
Me: To earn money so we can live.
Josh(in exasperation): You don't get money in hospitals, you get money in banks!

Josie - posted on 12/10/2009




There was a lost child at Target one day and the boy went to the front desk and asked for his parents by name, so I asked my 4 year old what is mommys first name he said its Josie, I said yes, very good. Whats daddy's name he said its Hon. I said no its not...he said well thats what u call him....Thank goodness I don't call my husband anything else! lol

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