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I was wondering how much everyone feels is appropriate to spend on Christmas gifts for your children, My children are 7,9 and 11 and I will probably spend over 1,000 dollars on them this year, does that seem to be a good amount? or too much, give me your opinion and what you guys usually dish out on Christmas


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Sharon - posted on 12/07/2009




It truly depends on each family really. We have never spent more than $200 combined on our 2 young kids each Christmas. They are only 5 1/2 and nearly 3 years old. When they get a bit older we may have to spend a bit more. We think Christmas is a time to spend with family and really enjoy the day, not to spend way too much on presents. As I said though everyone is in a different position and some may have much more money to spend than other families. Our kids are always happy with what we give them.

TaraLynn - posted on 12/06/2009




mine are still little,but i start picking up random things for them in the late summer and early fall months and stash them.then in the christmas season i make a list of everything i have and everything i still want to get them. that way i know how many presents i have for each kid and i try to hoard a bit out of each check to grab a thing or two off the list. some weeks more and some weeks none at all. in the end, i can guarantee we've never spent that much on christmas, but i know some families who have. it's a matter of choice and financial ability i suppose. :)

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guess it depends on your financially situation,my sons are eight and thirteen,i honestly don`t spend that much, but let`s say one nintendo game alone (if it is a new one )costs $40 so things add up don`t care how much things are , mine often played with cheaper stuff more than the expensive things....maybe one expensive toy everybody can play with and something small for each?hope that helps....

Deidre - posted on 12/04/2009




I appreciated Sarah's response... I agree with her because I am the one who's family has alot less. I am a single mom with 3 boys, 10, 3, 1.5 and there is never extra $ for gifts and such. I have to choose between diapers and toilet paper on a regular basis, so I just pray for others to be able to bless my children with the little extras in life. It's all in your perspective, I guess. :)

Sarah - posted on 12/03/2009




For me I don't worry about what others spend I worry more about what my family can afford to spend. I look at where our budget is and then plan the christmas budget accordingly. Christmas is not about the gifts, that is the main thing we try to teach our children. It is fun to get the gifts, but there is so much more to Christmas than that. My kids enjoy getting gifts and always have a Christmas list of wants (some they get and some they do not), but what they enjoy more is giving gifts to others. My daughter is the first to ask about taking a name off the tree at our church to buy a child some gifts. So to answer your question I would say can you afford that, is that in line with what you want to teach your children? Everyone is going to have a different $ amount that they feel is appropriate for their family, some will be more, others will be around your amount, and others will be less.

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