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this will be my daughters 1st christmas. she will be nearly 8months old.

ive spent about £60 on her (i think that converts roughly to U.S $98)

I dont think thats very much to spend on a little one but thats all i can afford for her this christmas because ive had to buy prezzies for my partner,mum,dad,sister,uncle,grandad, niece and nephew and we have to buy for my partners brother,sister mum and dad aswell.

i dont feel like a very good mum when i look at the small pile of clothes and toys ive got for my daughter. i know shes only a baby and she wont even remember i only got her a few toys. but i really have to watch my money now because im pregnant with my second (due in may) and i havnt even started getting things for the new baby. and to make things worse my partner had to take a 15% pay cut. he wont be looking for a new job because there just arnt any jobs going and his lucky enough to have the job he does.

i know my daughter gets all the love and atention she would ever want and i know that family will buy her things for christmas. but it just gets me down knowing that im her mum and i cant afford all the things id like to get her. what makes me feel worse is when i go shoping with my sister she spends so much more on her kids then i can on my daughter. and when i showed her what i brought my daughter for christmas she asked when i was going to get the rest of the presents but there are no more presents thats all i can get her.


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Don't feel bad. She really is young and doesn't really need much. In our family we have a poem we follow, Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. It covers all of the bases. With money being tight, we can't spend much on anybody. But we also want our children to understand that Christmas is not all about just getting presents. It is also about giving. I have two boys, a four year old and a nine month old. Thankfully I kept a lot from when my four year old was little. I still wouldn't buy either of them everything they want. I spent less than $60 dollars on my two boys. Don't let anyone pressure into spending more than you can afford. You don't want to end up in debt when you have another one on the way. Sometimes people with more money don't understand that you can't just buy everything anytime you want to do so. Just know that you love your daughter and are providing her with a safe, loving home. Material things will pass away. Besides if she is like most children they won't even play with the toys you buy but the boxes they came in.

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