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Hello-- I am new to this site and to online communities in general. I am feeling frustrated with my partner's lack of partnership in regards to housework. We are married, he works 10 hour days outside the home and of course I stay home and care for our 3 children (2,4 and 6). I am not idle-- I get many, many things done in the day, but the clean laundry pile is enormous. He just spent a week away on a fun trip with the boys and upon his return, I feel like he is not contributing enough to the home. He will leave the dishes at night, has not touched the laundry pile, throws the coats that I put on the stairs to be hung in the coat closet in the middle of the floor(because it's a pet peeve of his to have things left on the stairs)... We are beginning to needle each other when normally we are a pretty good team. He usually helps out more than this and he is a wonderful loving husband, but my question is this: do I have the right to ask him to do more, or is this my duty as a stay at home mom? I sometimes feel like a servant in my own home, when my expectations are that of an equal partnership. I don't want to "be the boss" and tell him I want him to contribute more, I would rather he just notice that I'm sick, and tired and overwhelmed and I need him to pick up some slack right now! I cannot be alone in this feeling, can I? Some input would be so helpful-- thank you.


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I think you should be able to talk it out with him. My husband about a week ago started leaving his clothes just in piles in our room and bathroom...then he got mad because none of his clothes were being washed. I told him that if our 4 year old could put his dirty clothes in the right basket so I can wash them then he should be able to. Sometimes I think they just need to be reminded that you aren't a servant.

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