CIO with a dummy??!!!

Jenny - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My bub is 4months old and is a terrible sleeper, i need lots of advice. i usually get told to try the CIO method, but i dont know how to do it and still feel like a caring mum? Also im stressed about tyring to let her CIO because she has a dummy. and the dummy falls out. so if i feel like the dummy has fallen out then do i go and put it back in if im trying to let her CIO? so confusing. i dont know how to let her CIO when i know that she takes such comfort from the dummy, dont know how the incoperate the two? maybe alll CIO is done without dummies? and then should i get her off the dummy? i hate having to run back into the nursery whenever she cries out to put the dummy back in (gets real tedious to do this during the night when am trying to get rest, as i have a 22month old also to look after during day.)

i want her to sleep better, but im so terrified of letting her CIO. Im afraid she wont stop crying or will get hereself into a crazy fit and then drop off like that, which i am not comfortable doing. last night she was super tired and in the car on the way home from my mums and coz i was driving i couldnt attend to her so i sort of saw it as a CIO opportunity, but the thing is that she never once stopped crying for the whole 25min ride back home and when we got home her top was wet from all her tears. ah so heartbreaking, but im getting to my witts end with her bad sleeping (waking up ever 2hrs at night and taking upto an hour to settle into a proper sleep. i know she is tired coz she rubbs her eyes and yawns, but she jusst gets so worked up before she can fall asleep. sigh. such hard work at the moment, i want it to get better!


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Charity - posted on 09/16/2010




I agree with only a modified CIO method, I would't let my LO cry for more than 5 min before going back in to check. In my babe's case, it is usually bc he needs a diaper change, or wants to nurse. And nursing is the best sleep inducing method. If you bottle feed, can you try more formula? (I have no experience with that.) My son usually goes to bed well with a night time routine of change to pjs, nurse, read, bed. if he has trouble and is fighting sleep, I try giving him a toy to play with to fall asleep, if that doesn't do the trick, rocking and singing works for him. Good luck!! I hope she does better soon. As for CIO, you really need to use your own judgement, but I agree that 25 min is too long, if she does that at home, when you can go to her, I would. (and isn't it frustrating when they cry in the car and you can't pick them up?!)

Connie - posted on 09/16/2010




I have never used the CIO method. dont know if it works or does more harm. I wish I had some advice. I just let my daughter (just turned 1) sleep in our bed. I just now started putting her down in her crib but after she has already fallen asleep. good luck.

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