Cleaning. HELP!!!!

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So I thought I could post a picture but it doesn’t seem to be an option...I HATE HATE HATE dust!!! I am cleaning and cannot seem to get rid of the dust no matter what I do. My kitchen range has just been cleaned and there’s so much freakin dust on it (sun shining in I can see it) that it looks like I didn’t do a thing. What can I do to get rid of dust it is this something everyone deals with?? I want to cry I’m so fed up.


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Ashley - posted on 02/23/2018




actually no. my house is NEVER dusty, i love to dusty and stuff for therapeutic reasons i guess but never have dust.
my mothers house though is ALWAYS dusty too. she could dusty like very weekend and it still looks like a 100 year old abandoned house by the end of the week.. idk why.

I've thought about this though cuz it does bothers me too, and our differences are
- she has two dogs and has her doors opens a lot, but its a NICE ranch style home very clean when dusted so idk. - i only have one dog a puppy, for the past week and open the door a lot more now and even ran a home daycare in my home before with 6 kids with doors open and still not as much as her.
-she lives on a large acre lot, very open so maybe the dust rolls easier? -where i live in a small, newly build cookie cutter house community with a corner lot but still not that much yard.
-my dad also buys the walmart air filters!- i buy costco because 1 they come in packs of like 3 for a deal and 2 they are the high quality ones for like DUST and fine particles
-my parents house is like 20 years old which means older air system and probably dirtier one too like in the air ducts(you can get those professionally cleaned did you know?) - like in a new house only 4-5 years old which means obv. new air system and newer cleaner ducts

Wyntersawyer29 - posted on 02/22/2018




I get lots of dust too. It is a big problem with my OCD but I have had my husband buy the cleaning liquid and pads for it I have a glass top stove. The stuff I use is called cerama bryte. I have seen a big difference. I suggest trying that. Otherwise try a microfiber cloth and pledge on the stainless parts also.

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