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Cleaning Schedule for Stay at Home Mom

Erin - posted on 01/01/2011 ( 18 moms have responded )




I am a SAHM to two boys (6) and (3). My oldest is in 1st grade and my youngest has preschool T/Th mornings.

I am losing control of my house and I really need to type of a daily schedule of stuff I need to do, so I can check it off the list.

I just wanted to see what other Moms/Dads schedules looked like to see if I could find something to go from.

I also have a bad back, so I have to rest between, so extra planning would be great.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Bethany - posted on 01/03/2011




I follow

It starts out really slowly and easily, and makes sense to me. It also has help for different situations, like if you're a working mum, or have a baby or a toddler, or an older child, or you're single or whatever. It's excellent and has turned my domestic life into a bit of a breeze. I won't explain it, that would take too long, just check out the web page and follow the steps.

[deleted account]

My schedule is "flexible" but there are somethings that must be done everyday, then there are some that are only done when I need to do them, and other things that I do once a week or so, but they can be done on what ever day I have time.....So here's how I keep track :)

For everyday (except weekend--I only straighten up on weekends, I consider those my "days off"):

I use a kitchen timer set for 15 minutes to clean my bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, library, one bathroom, and either the foyer or laundry room everyday (alternating bathrooms and between the laundry room and foyer every other day). If I spend 15 minutes in each room, I have my entire house cleaned in under 2 hours. You will be amazed how much you can do in 15 minutes if you do not leave that room--it is more than enough time to get to the real cleaning, like windows and crevice vacuuming!

For errands and weekly chores:

Laundry: I do not do laundry on weekends either, so Monday is the "Big Laundry" day. I do a few loads, usually taking a break between my 15minute cleans to fold and load the washer/drier. I do laundry again on Friday to prepare for the weekend. I have to do it then or there will be too much to fit in the hampers before the weekend is over.

Errands: I reserve one day for grocery shopping, which includes planning the menu, making the list, shopping at the grocery, and putting them away. I try to group all of my other errands together on another day. I also list each store and what I need to buy from each before I go.

For Volunteer hours:

I limit all of my volunteering to Thursdays. Any day works, just limit it to one day. After I drop my son at school, I work out, then do my cleaning. By 10:30 I can be back at the school to work in the publishing center, then lunch relief, then wrap muffins for the Friday muffin sale until school gets out. If I have volunteer stuff to do at home, I do it Thursday evening after homework. If I spread it out over the week, I seem to always be scrambling, but if it is all done at the same time, it is much easier to keep track of what I've done and what needs to be done.

For bill paying and such, I keep a folder in my purse and use the time during my son's after school activities to do it.

Occasional tasks--like decorating, fixing broken crap, and clothe shopping....stuff you do only when it needs to be done.

I make a list of those things for the week and try to fit them in whenever I find myself with a little extra time. Usually this is Tuesday or Wednesday b/c I have volunteering on Thursday and Laundry on Monday and Friday, but sometimes I have extra time on Monday b/c I am usually home all day and after I clean, I'm just waiting on the laundry. As I do it, I mark it off :)

I love lists because that way I know what I have accomplished and what still needs to be done without having to "remind myself" or run through a list in my head all the time. Plus, once I do something, I can mark it off, and forget about it.

Erin - posted on 01/02/2011




I have things I do each day. Sunday is my rest day though. I actually have a task sheet in the kitchen that I can see infront of me all the time. Some days I relax a little too much on the list but with a 17 month old and 5 yr old, days need to be flexable. My cleaning schedule looks like this:

Mon-Sat: Tidy, Laundry, Dishes, Sweep

On top of those I have certain chores I do for each day

Mon: Vaccuum, Upstairs Bathroom

Tues: Mop

Weds: Dust, Downstairs Bathroom

Thurs: Kitchen, *organize

Fri: Pets, computer desk

Sat: Wash Toys, Clean Breezeway

* organize* I have an additional list on my fridge that has to do stuff, each thursday I pick one thing off that list to do. I also work 1 or 2 times a week at a pub in town casually and I'm going to be starting to volunteer at the local hockey rink and I work on the SCC at my son's school. Nest week though is going to suck since I'm working lots at the pub since they booked like four or five girls off for a week at the same time. I haven't worked 40 hrs outside of the house for a long long time. At least it'll help pay off our snow tires we just bought! Good luck with your own stay at home mom cleaning schedule!

Johnny - posted on 01/01/2011




Mine is flexible too, but I often save the big cleaning stuff for weekends when my husband can play with my daughter and I'm not trying to mind her while scrubbing the tub. I'm not one of those skilled people who can clean behind the stove and watch a 2 year old.

In the morning I make the beds and straighten up our rooms and the bathroom while getting ready for the day. I just do a quick wipe down of everything. Then when my daughter is having breakfast, I tidy up anything in the kitchen while she eats. Otherwise I do light dusting, tidying, a little vacuuming and laundry throughout the day when she's busy playing. After dinner is cooked, I bathe her and put her to bed and that's my chance to clean up the kitchen and get everything set for the next day. I'm lucky though. Probably half the time I come down from putting my daughter to bed to find my hubby cleaned up, which is a real treat. Then I just wash the floor and get to relax.

Kelly - posted on 01/04/2011




sounds like my day except the things like laundry and dusting and mopping ad sweeping seem to get the best of me.... but laundry i have started doing one load a day i have 3 kids and im married so theres always at least one. then i either have the 8 and 9 year old put them away right after scool or i put all the clothes in separate baskets depending on the room they go to and put them all away on saturday before any thing else happends i just leave it all in my laundry room folded all week then the3y arent all over my house...

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Julie - posted on 11/18/2011




Figure out the best day to wash clothes...
Best day to dust -
Best day to vacuum -
Give yourself a few days when there is nothing on your list to do ...

Jessica - posted on 01/03/2011




I've been thinking about doing a cleaning schedule too, especially since it is a new year & in an effort to save $ we let our ceaning lady go. I'm going to list all my tasks & break them down into what needs to be done when. I'm hoping it will help me with getting organized enough to run this household without missing the cleaning lady!

Jennifer - posted on 01/03/2011




would luv to say thask u to the whole kitchen timmer idea i got nearly my whole kitchen cleaned in 15 mins i had to find an online timmer to do it as i dnt own 1 but heres the link girls if u wan to use if what an awsum idea :) gonna get my house all sparkling clean todays :)

Monica - posted on 01/03/2011




OMG i love it. Thx for the info that website is awesome for cleaning schedules for stay at home moms.

[deleted account]

At the moment, I don't need a strict regimen to get things done. But I do have what I call a "flexible routine." Make your cleaning schedule fit your lifestyle, don't plan your life around cleaning. Family comes before housekeeping, ALWAYS.

If I were you, I'd do errands and major household chores on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Make a list of your weekly errands, do them all on Tuesday. Make a list of major chores you'd like to accomplish weekly, do them on Thursday.

Okay, with that said, here is basically what I do. I tend to change the routine every few months or so. Two reasons: 1. Always looking for a better way to do things. 2. The family's needs or routines change, so I have to change my cleaning routine with it.

Morning - Unload dishwasher, re-load with breakfast dishes, start a load of laundry

Mid-morning - errands (Monday is typically grocery day, Friday my daughter and I go to a music class, other days get filled with various other errands or just play time at home)

Lunch then nap for daughter - I do one major cleaning task each day while my daughter naps. I also attempt to finish that load of laundry I started in the morning.

Afternoon - playtime and start dinner

Evening - wipe down and clean bathroom while daughter plays in the bathtub

Before bed - Load any remaining dishes and start dishwasher (to be unloaded first thing in the morning), sweep kitchen floor, wipe down kitchen counters, finish laundry if I didn't get to it earlier

Here is a list of chores I attempt to complete sometime during the week during nap:
-clean out car
-organize a closet or kitchen and bathroom cabinets
-wash bedsheets
-make grocery lists, weekly menu, and cut coupons

It is important to note that I rarely get it all done. If something comes up and my family needs me, I tend to that first. But at least with a routine and schedule, SOME of it will get accomplished.

Bonnie - posted on 01/02/2011




My schedule is pretty flexible. I have my morning routine (ie. getting the kids ready, making them breakfast, making the beds, doing the dishes) then I just take it from there. Depending on how I am feeling that day and if my morning went smoothly, I will get some cleaning done. Unless I need to, I never try to get done all the cleaning in one day. You will wear yourself out that way. I usually do a couple of cleaning tasks in one day. One day I might sweep and wash the floors (my current house is all floors), another day I might dust and clean the bathroom. I know by the time you are done with all the tasks, it is time to start all over again, but this way you don't tire yourself out as fast. If I have a number of things to get done, I make a list and check it out as I go so I don't forget anything. Hope this helps.

Renae - posted on 01/02/2011




Do you know about Flylady? If not, check out It has cleaning schedules for stay at home moms.

Sarh - posted on 01/01/2011




I also have a bad back and my condition affects ALL of my joints, but primarily my back. I can only wash about 5-10 dishes before my back is stiff and/or killing me! The same thing when trying to pick up or folding laundry.
I have a daughter who will be 5yo on the 26th and a son who will be 7m on the 10th.

What I do is on school days is
6a I get up throw a load of laundry in
Get my daughter up and ready and get her to the bus stop while daddy is still sleeping and baby is still sleeping (usually).
7:20 I get back.
I make daddy's lunch for work
Baby normally wakes up after that so I change and feed him. and this is my relaxing time to rest my back.
7:45-8 I switch the loads of laundry (which are never ending in my house!) and if baby allows me I fold and put it away.
I then take a break & eat breakfast and play with baby until my next load will be ready which is about 45mins.
Get the next load if I feel up to it fold and put it away.
Pick up the mess baby has created.
Rest and play with him more and I do the laundry thing repeatedly until about 2:30.
I have to get my daughter at 3 from the bus stop.
We get home.
Do any homework she has and/or eat a snack.
At about 5/5:30 I run my 5yo's bath
She takes her bath/plays in the bath
While I do dishes
Then I take a short break if I need one or just start dinner depending on how many dishes I had... my daughter and fiancee like to take a new glass every time they get a sip of water!
We eat dinner.
I clean up
Normally watch a movie/tv show together or play a game.
8p is her bedtime, but she puts pjs on after her bath so that is done and all she has to do is pick out a book.
Then I just have to feed baby when he is hungry
He gets a bath at about 9p
Nurses and is usually/hopefully in bed by 10/11p
Then I try and shower which the hot water helps relax my back.
We both have different "struggles" through out the day as I have a 7m old who nurses on demand and you have a 3yr old who you can no longer put in the exersaucer or where ever else to get your things done.
This works for me when I actually get up off my butt, but as I'm sure you know it is just easier on our backs to 'relax'/be lazy all day.
Good luck! Just don't make your breaks too long, I find the longer I sit and rest my back the longer it takes for me to get up and then the next day there is just MORE to do.

I swear my daughter and fiancee are tornados, well my son as well now!

Good luck!

Stifler's - posted on 01/01/2011




I just make a to do list every day. I go around to each room and decide what is most important to be done and make sure it's all done before 4 PM.

Melina - posted on 01/01/2011




I have a regimented schedule. I have 7/3 and I have them do basic chores. I have worked really hard with them to teach them respect and not to destroy the house. I also have another baby on the way. Both my kids have Celiac disease and my youngest is on meds all day long. she has kidney issues. I really believe in schedules .. However you are the one that can make it work. I would rely on yourself only and if you get extra help from spouse great. if not it doesn't matter as you are the "Queen Bee" and running the house. my home os not always perfect but I'm ok if people drop by. each family is different if you want to further e-mail me I can help if your interested.
Good Luck!

Amy - posted on 01/01/2011




Well, 6/3 can make own beds fairly well - just throw covers neatly over the pillow. So that saves that. I try and toss a load of laundry in right away since I wake up before my kids. Feed dogs/cats. Then I have my quiet time of coffee/cocoa and reading. They get up, eat breakfast, they take own plates/etc to counter. I have to get them dressed [we have preschool m/w] and then it's out the door for daughter. We get back and our son plays fairly well by himself and I can load the dishwasher, sweep up floors, clear anything off counters that don't need to be there. I honestly only mop once a week. Sorry, I spot clean during the week, but real mopping i don't have daily time for. toilets are my husband's job. I figure he's only got to do that and bring in firewood. I'm not asking too much. :D I sit with son and read a book and get out stuff for lunch. Go get daughter, and unload dishwasher while making lunch. Eat, they play while I clean anything up from lunch, then they take a nap and i can fold laundry and straighten up quietly while they sleep. maybe even do a second load of laundry or change my sheets. After they wake up, they pretty much go play by themselves. I can put away clothes in their rooms and change their sheets if I need to. They do a snack or activity- playdoh, painting, outside, whatever. I get stuff out for supper, they play while I cook and if there's still dishes i didn't unload, unload dishwasher. My daughter and son help set the table. They also like to help dust - a lot. Saves me!! :) Once a week I try and suck out spiders from the corners if any moved it. Dogs baths are also husband's job. yay. Kids pick up their own playroom and bedrooms. My bedroom is always the messiest. I seem to put my stack of laundry on the chair to put away, but my antique dressers are squeaky and i don't do it when they're napping, but am too tired at night! So I sadly live out of my stack on the chair. But, at least they're folded. :D

Misty - posted on 01/01/2011




Personally my schedule is flexible. I wake up with my husband at 6:30, make coffee and while waiting for it to brew I will straighten up the kitchen, do some dishes, clean up some trash or whatever little thing I can do in the kitchen while waiting. Then we have our coffee, he leaves and while drinking my coffee I will mosey to the livingroom. I clean up that room a little bit or work on school work. When my daughter wakes up I will tend to her, clean up the bathroom a little bit, and it goes around like this all day. Just a little bit of something while I'm doing something else. Try to multi-task. Do the dishes while waiting for something in the kitchen or haul the trash while waiting for the water to boil. Perhaps clean the bathroom while everyone is getting ready.

Monica - posted on 01/03/2011




OMG i love it. Thx for the info that website is awesome for cleaning schedules for stay at home moms.

Renae - posted on 01/02/2011




Do you know about Flylady? If not, check out It has cleaning schedules for stay at home moms.

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