Clingy Baby!

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My 11month old is super clingy. He used to be great with other people but it started changing about a month ago. When it's just the two of us he's fine but if there are people over he only wants me. Lately he's been doing it to his dad too. When daddy gets home from work he'll be excited to see him, but if he hears or sees me while they're playing he cries and reaches for me. I want him to be more comfortable with other people but I'm not sure how to achieve this when it's just the two of us all day.


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Mandy - posted on 03/17/2010




my son is 14 mo and still wont go to people he doesnt know. i dont force him. he will go to people he is comfortable with. it wont last forever.

Ivy - posted on 03/17/2010




Don't worry this is a phase. My daughter was like this for a couple of months. Sometimes she is still a bit like that, but no were near as bad. I had to take her to the loo with me so she could see what mommy was doing while I was going the few minutes I said I would be. I always say where I'm going, how long I will be gone and tell her when I am back. Your son will slowly become more independent, but right now he really needs you there. Yes it is annoying when you have stuff to be done, but it will get better. If you need to clean in the kitchen or something, make sure his playpen or whatever he sits in has a direct view of you so he knows you are not gone.

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