Clingy lil' cuties

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So mommies, I need your help. I love love my little ones. 3, 2, and five months. BUT goodness they have to stay glued to me 24/7. They have huge bedrooms with lots of toys and space to run and play, but what do they do? Get one toy, maybe, and come sit right at my feet or next to me while I'm caring for the little one, try to watch tv I mean I can't go to the bathroom. Now, initially I was a big fan of attachment parenting, I wore them, bfed them, and co slept sometimes. I just wanted to hear other stories of SAHM's and how you get your little ones to


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Stifler's - posted on 02/11/2012




Mine follow me everywhere too it's kind of annoying but good that they like me.

Mellanie - posted on 02/09/2012




I have no advice for you to be honest but I know what you're going through... I just had LO#3 at the end of December and the other two HAVE to be right at my feet or in my lap as I'm trying to do anything, especially when it has to do with the baby. I know some of it is curiosity, but please give me some room to move a toe. Although I have found that if I give LO#2 a baby and what ever it is I'm doing with LO#3, she tends to sit at the opposite end of the couch, just mirroring what I'm doing. LO#1 is 8 and is still just as clingy but thankfully he goes to school durring the day so I only have to handle the one.

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This is totally normal. You have a new baby and it is a natural thing for the others to feel starved for attention. Just know it all pays off in the end. When they start preschool at age 4 they will be VERY healthy and won't be the screaming kid at the door, dying because you left. I have 3 boys and that is exactly what happened. To the point where I was the one who stayed to peek in on each to see how they were handling the separation. They were fantastic and way ahead of the curve because they were considered "Emotionally" stable.

Clingy, to me, means the child is extremely uncomfortable around any other adult. If this is the case I think more and more exposure will do the trick. Anything new is scary at first and some of us just need a little bit more time to warm up.

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Hay my nearly 13 year old is the worst and now the little ones 4 and 1 copy her I'm left exsorsted at the end of the day they fight for attention (again the 13 year old being the worst) i'v explained nicely and i'v gotten mad in fact i'v tried everything I can think of yet I still get no space! I do separate things with them and family things too but nothing is enough I also know my oldest thinks she gts the least attention but she gets the most! I now lock the toilet door as they fallow me and I have to some times send them in another room when ppl are around as they all sit on me! My husband takes them out when he can now just to give me some space, I Brest fed but didn't do attached parenting! I even moved to a nice big house with lots of space yet they fallow me from room to room! I haven't figured it out yet so if you do please let me know, I'm now praying she will jut grow out of it, I just wanted you to know youe not on your own

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