Co-sleeping: hubby's not a fan but I am

Jennifer - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I LOVE co-sleeping with my daughter. Its easier to feed her during the night (I breastfeed), I dont wake up as often to check on her because she's right next to me, its comforting for us both. And she's safe. She or my hubby move at all and I'm instantly awake making sure she's ok. But my hubby doesnt like it. He wants more cuddle time. Not really sure what to do.


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I too love to co-sleep with my son. What I do is put him to sleep in his crib which is in our room. Then my husband and I have about 2-4 hours to watch a movie or cuddle or whatever in bed together. Whenever my son wakes up to eat, I get up and pull him in bed with us and keep him there the rest of the night. There has never been a problem with the amount of cuddle time my husband and I are getting. By the time my son wakes up to eat, my husband is asleep and it does not affect him at all.
Hope this helps!

Samantha - posted on 09/03/2009




Get a co-sleeper (The one that sits NEXT to the bed-It looks like a cradle, but it's up higher and there's only 3 sides so that you can have her right next to your side of the bed) that way he can still cuddle and she is still at your side in her own little "bed". It's something to look into...

Kiaya - posted on 09/03/2009




I think co sleeping is great if definately makes midnight feedings easier, but for me instead of actually having the baby in the bed with us we used a bassinett or side sleeper so my boys were still right there I could reach them but I could still cuddle with my hubby. We did this until they slept through the night and then started them in their own crib. I think there are options you just have to find out whats good for you and the baby but also for your husband because new babies in their lives are hard because alot of time and attention is adverted. I think it is very important oyur husband be involved in decisions like that and I think there are ways to make all 3 of you happy.

Darlene - posted on 09/03/2009




What an adorable baby! Pfft, I think your husband has to come to terms on what you and the baby both really need. And it is not forever. She will have the rest of her life drinking and eating independently. I had a similar problem until I bought a co-sleeper that you attach to the bed. My baby was not right in the bed with me but in his own little comfortable C-shaped bed that was right next to me. If that still does not work, maybe discuss how you guys can set aside some cuddle time but that you do need to tend to her during the night. I know what you mean, always tossing and turning to check on the baby!

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